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The friendlier part of Reddit. Have a fun conversation about anything that is on your mind. Ask a question or start a conversation about (almost) anything you desire. Maybe you'll make some friends in the process.

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A place for people to share the strange and disturbing PMs they get from all over the internet.

2020.12.03 14:46 Desperate_Rice9475 free gay live chat

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2020.12.03 14:46 Dizzy-Fishing-1699 free tamil sex chat

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2020.12.03 14:46 goodboytan Whats taking epic so long to fix voice chat on android?

Its been forever and the issue is still not resolved. Is there something that is preventing them from fixing it? I would think that this isnt that complicated of an issue to fix. Really annoying cause my friends like to use voice chat and avoid playing with me because they cant speak to me. Does epic just not care about mobile at all? Im so annoyed with them
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2020.12.03 14:46 Eminent_Guest_ Guys, you’re welcome to the Elfsight community!👋

Guys, you’re welcome to the Elfsight community!👋
We’re the all-in-one SaaS platform with 80+ customizable website widgets, developed to handle the most essential website tasks without coding. Check us here -
Here we’d like to share some development tips, announce new products and updates, and of course, we’ll be glad to hear your feedback and ideas about our widgets and entire service as well. Just mention u/Elfsight and we’ll be glad to chat with you on any topic. Here are some things you might be interested in: 🛠About widgets: compatibility, features, help with CSS and etc.; 📚Handy tips on how to get the most out of your widgets; 💰Our affiliate program and all its perks; 💸All about free and non-profit plans and other bonuses; 💡Sharing your thoughts and ideas about new apps and features.
Stay tuned for updates and be active! We are just starting our widget development path, so we really need your comments, support and bright ideas for new projects! 🤘
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2020.12.03 14:46 MediocreEmergency999 bdsm sex chat

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2020.12.03 14:45 Puzzled_Ad_5626 dirty live chat

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2020.12.03 14:45 FatDeag Why does Rocket League hate swearing so much but doesn't put a chat filter on?

Throughout the past year, I have been banned several times just because of swearing. It makes no sense to me as to why Psyonix thinks swearing is so bad yet only has a chat filter for party chat, which only people who chose to join me can see. Can someone please explain to me why this is the case?
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2020.12.03 14:44 WontYouThinkImPretty Welcome, let's chat about It's A Wonderful Life!

Noticed there was no community for It's A Wonderful Life. This is in my top 3 movies.
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2020.12.03 14:44 theoneandonlygoodbli I was on omegle then this

LETS GO CHAMP! To the omegle admin captcha banning my vpns over me saying the dark word and associating it with people I hope you get shot in the fucking head and murdered. I would seriously, literally, fucking smash your fucking brains to pieces. Absolute fucking gush, just straight up fucking mush. I'd strangle you to death. You have no fucking clue the amount of damage it is to sabotage my FUCKING BOT. When I AM THINKING, DOING SOMETHING, HARD FUCKING WORK, THINKING THIS BOT IS ON, CHATTING WITH PEOPLE, WHEN IN REALITY, ITS FUCKING OFF, BANNED, CAPTCHA BLOCKED OR MY FUCKING VPN KEEPS DISCONNECTING EVERY FUCKING HOUR OR SECOND I REST. I SWEAR. I WOULD DO ANYTHING. ANYTHING IT TAKES TO HERE THEM IN FUCKING PAIN. I WANT TO WATCH THEM SUFFER. AND WASTE AWAY INTO NOTHING. KLL NIGGERS. KLL FUCKING NIGGERS DARK MONKEY COON NIGGER COMEON BAN ME FUCKING DO IT BITCH YOU FUCKING NECKBEARD FAGGOT. Wish I could drive up to Leif aka Omegle CEO's house and fucking kll his kids and family or whoever the fuck this subhuman is. YEAH YEAH YEAH. FUCK IT UP. FUCK UP THE ONLY THING KEEPING MY LIFE ALIVE. FUCK UP THE ONLY FUCKING THING THAT I AM USING TO SAVE MY FUCKING LIFE, SO I CAN BREATHE A SECOND FUCKING LONGER. ERROR CONNECTING TO SERVER. ERROR. CONNECTING. TO. FUCKING. SERVER. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. ME GETTING A GOOD CONNECTION IS LIKE WINNING THE FUCKING LOTTERY. THE MENTALLY FUCKING PAIN THIS INDUCES. I SWEAR. MY MIND ISNT GOING TO EXIST. WHEN I AM RIPPING THEM APART EVERY FUCKING FIBER OF THEIR BEING IS GOING TO BE CRUSHED, SHREDDED, HARMED AND FUCKING TORN UP. I can't take this shit anymore man. It's like getting fucking mlsted over and over and over rped over and over and over and over. This shit is making me close to grabbing a knife stabbing my fucking eyes out, and lighting myself on fire. To fuck with someone to this degree, I wish your last name family an endless torture torment enducing fucking pain. I seriously wish you suffer for eternity. NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO UNDERSTAND. THIS ANTI FUCKING RACIST SOCIETY. CENSORING PEOPLE, LIMITING EVERY SORT OF FREEDOM. LIMITING THEIR FUCKING ABILITIES TO HAVE ANYTHING, AND JUST FUCKING BEING DISGUSTING PIECES OF SHIT, LIMITING EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING EVEN FUCKING SPEECH. FUCKING SPEECH. OH MY FUCKING GOD. WHAT I WOULD DO. OH MY GOD. I WOULD KLL THIS ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD MAN. I WOULD KLL EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING IN IT, AND I WILL BE THE LAST FUCKING ONE LEFT AND THEN ID EITHER STAY OR FUCKING KLL MYSELF. I WANT TO PUT AN END TO EVERYTHING. FOR THESE SICK FUCKS, USING GOOGLE APIS AND SHIT AND ULTRA FUCKING BLACKLIVESMATTER LETS BAN ALL WORDS, SUSPEND ALL ACCOUNTS AND REJECT, SPERARATE MEN AND WOMEN, SEX, FREEDOM, ALL OF IT ALL OF IT ALL OF IT AMERICAN FUCKING COMMUNISM AMERICAN INBRED FUCKING COMMUNISM. SICK FUCKING CULT LIKE BEHAVIOR. I AM SO CLOSE TO GRABBING A FUCKING GUN AND DOING SOMETHING SOMETHING. NAZIS. NAZIS. FUCKING NAZIS. CENSORING, FUCKING MOUTH TAPING. FUCKINGG FUCKKIINGG FGUCKINGNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG SILENCING ALL FORMS OF ANY SPEECH. WHAT A SICK. FUCKED UP WORLD. I WISH I COULD HURT THESE PEOPLE. I WISH I COULD JUST FUCKING RIP THEM APART, LITERALLY, TO SEE WHAT THEIR PATHETIC FUCKING INSIDES ARE AND TURN THEM COMPLETELY FUCKING INSIDE OUT. imagine. FUCKING IMAGINE IT. THEM MAKING YOU LOSE YOUR FRIENDS, MAKING IT SO YOU CAN NEVER HAVE A FUCKING GIRLFRIEND. MAKING IT SO YOU ARE ALL FUCKING ALONE. THEY WANT TO ISOLATE YOU. ALIENATE YOU. OSTRACIZE YOU. AND BEAT YOU, AND KICK YOU WHEN YOU'RE FUCKING AND THEN MANIPULATE THE LIVING FUCKING SHIT OUT OF YOU. VENGEANCE. I WILL GET VENGEANCE. YOU ARE GOING TO SUFFER FOR YOUR FUCKING SINS, ULTIMATELY, AUTOMATICALLY, GODLY YOU ARE GOING TO GET A SHITTY PAINFUL PUNISHMENT. I CURSE YOU. YOU ARE CURSED. I am honestly on my last breathe. My anger has reached a level it has never had before. I mean the loneliness, the isolation, the rejection, my dead social life, all of it. I understand what it's like to be homeless okay. I understand how severely, disgustingly fucked up it is. I am probably on my last breathe to being, in prison, shot dead, or on the fucking streets dead. I hate even saying these things, but I hope you people understand when you hate on me, make fun of me, and presume things about me. I am by no means a negative person but you have no clue the shit I endure and the mental fucking pain I go through, I probably have a rotted brain for all I know. So next time you skip, think about how much damage you're doing to a person. And be fucking grateful your friends let you live with you and you get to act as ccky as you people do, because my life, my social situation, my skin color and my fucking geographic location all fucking despise my freedom. M 18 looking for grlfriend. Kik:
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2020.12.03 14:43 WontYouThinkImPretty r/ItsAWonderfulLife Lounge

A place for members of ItsAWonderfulLife to chat with each other
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2020.12.03 14:43 toronto_news A fraternity chat that threatened violence against Black students has forced another wave of reckoning at University of Windsor

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2020.12.03 14:43 BOB_TNDR [London, UK] I am a producer looking for a voice to start an Indie/Alternative band.

Hello all,
I am a music producer in London. I also play guitar, bass and keys. I can find my way around a drum kit but I stick to programming them in my DAW. I want to start an Indie band and I am mainly looking for a voice. I would eventually like to form an entire band, so if you're a drummer, bass, guitar or keys player and you want to have a chat feel free to.
My favourite bands include The 1975, The Killers, Tame Impala, LANY, The Neighbourhood and TwentyOne Pilots. Whilst I do take a lot of inspiration from these bands I aim for this project to be fairly original and different.
If you like anything that I mentioned until now please do get in touch. Lastly, I am pretty serious about this project so I'm mainly looking for likeminded musicians, not for people that just want to mess around for a bit.
Kind regards,
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2020.12.03 14:42 bremen15 i am looking for help understanding the math (bessle functions) and coding the equations in python

yesterday i asked this on /askmath and got no reaction. I could imagine that here people are more coding inclined, so i ask here, too.
I want to 3d-plot the magnetic field of a twisted three phase cable, and found a paper giving the analytical solution of the field like this.
There are more details in the paper, of course. Now I dont feel confident with this kind of math. Who would enjoy to help me with this? Its research in university, no coorporation involved. I would need help writing code representing these equations in python, calculating the field`s vecors in one point r, phi. I dont ask that you do the work for me, I am not dense either. It's just that I dont even know where to start with this math. A chat session where i can ask questions and share my screen might be best.
Who ever wants to have a look at the whole paper for further details, it is here.
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2020.12.03 14:42 MrCheesyfuntime r/AncientCoinMemes Lounge

A place for members of AncientCoinMemes to chat with each other
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2020.12.03 14:42 killergoku27 Yet Another Party Chat: #107

The guide says at the sun gate, north of the club sega in chinatown. The only gate north of it is the giant blue one, but nothing comes up. Is this one bugged too? I've only got two left, this and #43 which has to be bugged cause nothing comes up at the white wagon by dragon kart.
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2020.12.03 14:42 xnonothianx PUBLIC FTB Revelation server

i have an FTB Revelations server on great hardware and lots of optimizations for lag. plz chat/DM me your discord if you would like to join. our community is very helpful if you need some help getting started.
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2020.12.03 14:42 Irene879 Crazy donations..

So this is absolutely crazy. I was on a friend's stream about an hour ago, and other streamers in his chat start saying they got 100$ donations.. this can't be true right? Next thing I know.. I get 100$ donation myself. I am absolutely flabbergasted.. this anonymous donor spent 1000$ on all the streamers over the course of an hour. I sent an email to thank and they said they were happy to help. It is just mind boggling how people can be so exceptionally generous.. I am still shaking to be honest.. what an experience
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2020.12.03 14:41 pissed_at_everything r/imverysavage Lounge

A place for members of imverysavage to chat with each other
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2020.12.03 14:41 rubber_duckyy 30 [M4F] Canadian working from home looking for friendly banter

Are you also working from home? Well, do I have a friendly Canadian for you.... it's me! Well we know it can get boring so why not chit chat each other up and keep each other company between meetings
Send DM or chat
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2020.12.03 14:41 HappyyCloudz r/VapingCanada's Daily Chat Thread - Come and join me!

Hello all,
This daily chat thread is for whatever you like honestly. It's open for discussion - But of course remember to follow the rules in the sidebar -->
Let me see what you got =)
Welcome to VapingCanada - Keep those clouds happy.
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2020.12.03 14:41 aldurljon What are some good systems for Play by Post games?

Hi folks. Like a lot of other people, I have a lot of free time during the day where I can pop in and chat, but not necessarily commit to playing. I was wondering if there were RPG systems that worked particularly well with the Play by Post format. I don't have much experience in them.
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2020.12.03 14:41 PresidentOfYes12 r/hypotheticalhurricane Lounge

A place for members of hypotheticalhurricane to chat with each other
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