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Mood board
I'm goin' back, back, back, back Where my roots ain't watered down
This mood board was inspired by the honeymoon that got away, yet one more casualty of this trainwreck we call 2020.
Earlier this year when my (now) husband and I were still planning our wedding, we had the hardest time cementing down wedding details. Like, nothing. It was sweet at first, all our brainstorming ideas stalling out because we didn’t care about the wedding, just the marriage that came after. But five months of engagement without even a date had my left eye in a near permanent twitch. It was maddening.
We could, however, completely envision the honeymoon. Picture: Ten nights in Kenya, catching inspiration from the street fashion of the beautiful women in Nairobi. Driving our way through the bush on a multi day safari. Feeding giraffes out of teacups on the manors back deck. Feeling the sun warm our melanin on the beach in Mombasa. Taking my husband to the continent of our ancestors for the first time.
The vision was glorious. Inspired. And doomed from the start. By the time details and funding became a reality, miss rona was in full swing and life got really real for us. We ended up scrapping every plan we had and exchanging vows in our backyard. It was short and simple and completely ours, and now in retrospect I can’t think of a more perfect way to have gotten married. But the dream of that perfect honeymoon lives on, albeit on hold until a magical future where Americans aren’t on punishment from the rest of the science-affirming world. All the more time to plan out nine more looks and the bags that go with them, amirite???
(pray for my wallet, y’all)
Review time: I wanna speak on the Rimowa suitcase I bought from TS Pink! This rep has been my MVP this year in the most unexpected way.
Item: Rimowa Original Cabin S Seller: TS Pink Factory: Unknown, I didn’t even ask honestly Price: $204 + $90 shipping
Photo with cat tax!
The good: As a disclaimer, Ive never seen this rep in store, so I’m only judging by what I’ve seen online and in airports The wheels on this rep feel really really good on hard wood and carpet. Buttery smooth. The color and sheen of the aluminium are accurate. This suitcase feels light enough to sling comfortably and still heavy enough that im not worried about breaking it. The compartment divisions are well thought out and make it easy to fit enough outfits for a solid three day trip, plus a little room to grow. It’s beautiful and a joy to use.
The cons: Mine didn’t include a luggage tag. Also this rep is known for having incorrect orientation on the tsa locks (but I honestly can’t be bothered). It’s already a bit scuffed up after less than three uses... but it’s an aluminium suitcase. This is what they do. I’m nitpicking at this point to have something to say, and I’d rather not. I needed a new suitcase and this one more than exceeded my expectations in both aesthetics and quality.
Overall 10/10 total satisfaction! Even though international travel has been basically nonexistent this year, I’ve had really good experiences using this suitcase on domestic weekend trips with my husband! I’d recommend to any and everyone who can stomach the shipping cost. Even if you didn’t like it as a rollerboard, it doubles as an excellent cat bed(review pending). Could also see great potential as a bougie walker for the elderly with imagination. The possibilities are endless.
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2019.01.08 18:04 ColdWarAfricaCreator The Mau Mau Uprising (Part One)

On the 21st of June in 1952, Sir Philip Mitchell’s term as governor over the colony was going to end. On the 30th of September, Sir Evelyn Baring was to take the helm as the new governor of British Kenya on the pulse of British Eastern Africa. As the days rolled on and African nationalism took its hold, it was clear there was unrest in most African colonies to some degree or another. Sir Philip Mitchell was not naive to this, but he felt the arising threat of Mau Mau in his state was simply nothing he needed to worry about. Small rebellions had began to crop up with bow and arrow along with spear and machete which was crushed swiftly by local police or the Kings African Rifles if numbers were too great for a squad of four or so policemen. It was believed that the small and inconsequential uprising that everyone in the British Kenyan government believed it was could be put down in one, maybe two attacks.
In the interim period between the two governors, the Afrocom took great interest with the Mau Mau to test the waters on armed resistance in East Africa. From what the Afrocom understood from their contacts and agents in Northern Rhodesia and Ethiopia, they had the numbers and the willpower to have an armed rebellion, it was simply a matter of guidance. It was also starkly clear that the Mau Mau’s plan was unclear. General-Secretary Randolph thought up a plan swiftly and communicated it to George Padmore, the General Secretary over the Rhodesian region. With the failures to seduce Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel arap Moi into Afrocom ranks, it was unprecedented difficult to find leadership over Kenya that stuck with the locals.
Padmore was able to meet with Dedan Kimathi, the most senior leader of the Mau Mau forces and the principal military leader of the movement. The plan was to offer arms, support, help with communications and connections with the USSR in exchange for pledging allegiance to the Afro Comintern. The meeting went well as Dedan Kimathi, Musa Mwariama, Waruhiu Itote, and Stanley Mathenge; all Mau Mau leaders agreeing to working with the Afrocom. With this,the second phase of the plan went into effect as both Padmore and General-Secretary Randolph communicated with the Kings African Rifles 3rd Battalion in Kenya to raise professional soldiers and institutional support for the Mau Mau. With palms greased, they were able to take away a sizeable chunk from the King’s African Rifles. Many agreeing to send operational information, smuggle weapons, and generally help the Afrocom-Mau Mau cause.
The Afro Comintern was quick to supply the Mau Mau as it was clear the irregulars under Kimathi where eager and with the King’s African Rifles in the 3rd Battalion risking a lot feeding information to them, action had to be taken rapidly. The Soviet’s where able to supply M91/30’s, PPSH-43’s, DP28 machine guns, and anti material rifles to help deal with vehicles. Along with a healthy supply of munitions, the Mau Mau felt they had the physical means to wage war against their colonial masters. British movements were studied, information from the King’s African Rifles was collected and training with the weapons commenced in haste so they could start the revolution as soon as possible before the Kenyan Europeans knew what was going on right under their noses.
Learning of this, Daniel arap Moi reached out to the Kings African Rifles in Ethiopia and get a channel to reach out to the British Government. He was granted amnesty in Ethiopia for the time being, the Secretary of State for the Colonies office feeling that he would be useful as a pawn if something was to arise with the colony of Kenya.
A state of emergency was declared on the 20th of October in 1952 as more and more Kenyan police got into scuffles with the Mau Mau but nothing on a serious note. Simply street fights and other actions that reached up to around 200 arrests, nothing organized or major in any regard compared to the events to come.
The first organized attack occurred on the 6th of November. Mau Mau irregulars had attacked a European’s homestead community to the north of Meru. The body count was high and would be the first major atrocity committed on either side of this conflict, 23 Europeans beheaded and the homesteads burned. The Afrocom flag flew over one of the courtyards as the rolling stench blew through the air carried by a swarm of flies.
Governor Sir Evelyn Baring responded immediately as he mobilized troops in Meru and sent them to recon the area. The Mau Mau had expected such a response and had ditched the roads around Meru making it difficult for the trucks and horses to travel along the dirt roads around the town. The Mau Mau under the guidance of Partisan advisors had made sure that at least one car got stuck in a ditch covered over by leaves and brush. To the east of the town, this happened which led to the killing of 13 British soldiers after a molotov cocktail was thrown at the woven tarp of the truck. In response to this new atrocity, Governor Sir Evelyn Baring rallied the Kings African Rifles from Uganda, Tanganyika, and Mauritius as well as the Lancashire Fusiliers from Egypt.
As the Kenyan Government attempted to established control, the Mau Mau in joint with Afrocom Partisans continued guerrilla activities aimed towards weakening the British ability to conduct operation around Kenya. Seeking to strike at fuel depots, slaughtering stables, blowing up munitions when possible and raiding police stations whenever possible. Such activities forced the coalitions forces to become more bulky in numbers making their movements more predictable but it did force them to guard their police and military installations substantially more now that the Mau Mau proved themselves to be a competent and well armed fighting force. By the end of December, the Mau Mau under Partisan guidance had destroyed roughly 136,000 pounds worth of equipment leading to heavy pressure from the United Kingdom parliament to do something against the Mau Mau menace.
To put fuel on the fire, Musa Mwariama delivered a message on behalf of the Mau Mau told to be penned by Dedan Kimathi that the Mau Mau demanded a free and independent Kenyan state ruled by native Kenyans. Naturally, the Kenyan Colonial government rejected such requests and simply stepped up arrests and even lynchings of suspected Mau Mau across Kenya. The Afrocom, the masterminds of this revolution had began to sow discontent within the King’s African Rifles, working to pay off and continue to infiltrate officers and other military officials. The largest prize was to work with Idi Amin Dada, a leader in the Ugandan King’s African Rifles who began to harbor sympathies to a liberated Uganda, something the Afrocom would use to their advantage at a later date. With Idi Amin, they were able to gather extensive information on the movement of the King’s African Rifles and even the Lancashire Fusiliers when possible that was even better than earlier attempts.
Becoming troubled with the embittered fighting across his nation, Jomo Kenyatta, a figurehead in native Kenyan politics opened up talks with Sir Evelyn Baring and the office of the Secretary of State of Colonial Affairs to work out a deal to bring about a more democratic rule in Kenya instead of one ruled by the socialist Mau Mau forces. He requested that Kenya move to a dominion system such as Canada that would be Democratic and allow for the suffrage of native Kenyans in exchange for his keeping of Kenya effectively in British East Africa. Kenyatta strongly felt that the Mau Mau would beat the British in military operations and argued that by releasing direct administrative control of Kenya to him would help ease tension with the Mau Mau and would better protect Europeans living in Kenya. Needless to say, no Brit took him terribly seriously, however his discouragement led him to begin growing local support across the port towns of Kenya where he would over the months cultivate a strong following for a Democratic Kenya.
Daniel arap Moi Also continued to press for a Democratic Africa, working with the Ethiopian government, he was able to get notable support by the border with Ethiopia and Kenya. He would campaign from the East of Lake Turkana to Marsabit and all the way eastwards to the Somali border. This would lead to him pressing for a small state of Northern Kenya free from British colonial rule that would be a protectorate of Ethiopia, something that was appealing to many who felt that being in close proximity with the Ethiopians would keep them safe from British guns.
As time went on, the coalition felt the strong need to end this revolution immediately as to not take any more monetary or human losses. Both sides had done a great job of vilifying the other, war crimes committed extensively from mass killings of the unarmed, rape, and the internment of suspected Mau Mau in labor camps organized by the Kenyan colonial government. Under the guidance of General Sir George Erskine, Operation Hammer was created to bring about sweeping attacks through Eldoret hearing about the weapon shipments occurring there from proxies of the Soviet Union. Operation Hammer was to serve as the precursor to Operation Anvil that was to occur in the month or so after as far as General Sir George Erskine was concerned. He felt strongly that the Mau Mau were simply disorganized and didn’t have the military capital to wage the fight the coalition was capable of.
On January 5th, General Sir George Erskine’s coalition descended upon Eldoret with 2 armored cars and a conservative force of three thousand men. Five hundred where to take the main road into town whilst the rest where to surround it and ensure that no significant Mau Mau forces would escape the town if they where to route. Upon driving up to the town, an anti material rifle destroyed the engine of one of the armored cars stopping the initial convoy dead in their tracks. Followed by the bone rattling clap of machine gun fire, the convoy started to fire back into the town hastily as officers called off entering the town. From the church in the town square, the Afrocom flag began to fly to the disgust of General Erskine as he called for aerial reconnaissance of the town. He had discovered swiftly that the town was crawling with Mau Mau with European’s taken hostage within the town as they built up defences, the police in the town had been compromised for a few days.
The town was to be bombed by three Lincoln bombers on the 12th of January as the coalition lay siege to it for the next five days. Despite the smaller Mau Mau force overrunning the town, they were able to hold the line significantly well, keeping the Afrocom flag flying for a grand total of eight days. After the 5 daylight bombing campaign, the coalition decided to strike the town the last three days whittling down the Mau Mau forces within the town. With a majority of the Europeans within the town escaping with white flags, it became ever more clear to the coalition that they had vastly superior numbers in this fight. On the 20th of January, they decided to do an all out assault on the town and retook it by 1400 hours with General Erskine having lunch with his officers in the town square as the UK flag flew over the church that was flying the Afrocom flag. It became a mass rallying cry for the Mau Mau as they worked to raise more forces across Kenya showing the sheer brutality of the coalition forces, Operation Hammer setting a precedent to the Mau Mau that battles with the coalition would not take many prisoners. Out of the six hundred strong force the Mau Mau held within the town, only thirty two were alive after the operation ended.
Through 1953, the Mau Mau and the coalition both continued to escalate the conflict more and more leading to excessive civilian casualties mounting up to around four hundred or so dead and around nine hundred wounded indirectly due to the fighting. Most notably, around one hundred and fifty Europeans were lynched by the Mau Mau during the year with the most appalling being a mass grave of 33 men, women, and children with their heads put on pikes leading to disturbing images in Nairobi and Mombasa in European communities. The Mau Mau were able to keep up with the coalition quite well on their loss rates considering the difference in force, the Mau Mau loosing 2,451 with an unknown amount wounded whilst the coalition only lost 981 with 1,769 wounded.
During the year, the Mau Mau proved they could inflict comparable casualties to the coalition with well organized attacks. Killing over 900 horses, the destruction of four police stations, the destruction of thirty four trucks, and five armored cars. The UK Parliament was finding the losses unacceptable, with European civilian losses in Kenya reaching the hundreds and the cost damages going over two million pounds at this point, the general feeling was that things were going poorly. The growing sentiment was that Sir Evelyn Baring and General Sir George Erskine had lost control over Kenya and threatened to cede power over Kenya to Jomo Kenyatta and creating a dominion out of Kenya.
Hearing about this, the Afrocom military leadership ramped up operations in Kenya. Capturing North Western Nairobi by the February of 1954 from local police, the largest incivility to Sir Evelyn Baring being the Afrocom flag flying in the capital city. The Afrocom had been able to procure more and more firepower from the Soviets to curb the so far unhindered power of coalition air power. Procuring ten DShK 1938 guns, the goal was to shoot down half of the Lincoln Bombers and the scout planes, all of which had been low flying due to the Mau Mau’s lack of anti air. With modified belts allowing for each gun to hold 300 rounds, they felt that they could at the very least suppress the air power of the coalition.
Brother to Operation Hammer, Operation Anvil was scheduled for the 24th of April in 1954. General Sir George Erskine had already however run into issues immediately. His call to arms only yielding 19,000 troops out of the 25,000 troops he called for. Many police forces in the surrounding area around Nairobi simply not answering the call and the King’s African Rifle corps having a hard time mobilizing effectively to this new offensive to root out Mau Mau power. The Mau Mau on the other hand had amassed 30,000 troops within the city armed with Soviet gear, captured Sten guns, a few anti material rifles, and the newly procured DShK guns. European militias had decidedly backed the coalition forces who armed themselves with hunting weapons and had decided to hold defend their homes, most notable a few apartment block noted by the UK flag with a yellow rag underneath of it.
The Mau Mau was headquartered out of the Stanley Hotel led by Dedan Kimathi himself leading ground operations. Masa Mwariama, a Mau Mau military leader’s job was to put pressure on coalition FOB’s outside of the city and local police headquarters to hurt coalition supply during the fight as Kimathi expected the battle to rage on for a good while. Waruhiu Itote was to ensure scouting missions took place to ensure Mwariama, Kimathi, and Partisans knew where coalition forces where focused and if aerial support was being called in.
On the morning of the 24th, coalition forces began to play air raid sirens and open fire smoke rounds into the Mau Mau controlled parts of Nairobi. The city began to have a sweeping cloud over it, dust and dirt kicked up throughout the streets. Sporadic shooting came from the fortified buildings on the borders between colaation held and Mau Mau held Nairobi. As armored vehicles rolled through the streets, the Mau Mau open fired with anti material rifles and small arms fire as the coalition forces began to clear Mau Mau held buildings leading to brutal fighting, arrests where not in the agenda. The Lancashire Fusiliers took it upon themselves to clear the European hostages within the city known to be held by the Afrocom Partisans to gain leverage with the coalition.
Three hours into the fighting, air was called out and with the initial attacks failing and the coalition getting more intelligence on where Mau Mau forces where garrisoned, the coalition decided to call for aerial recon to find the heart of where the Mau Mau were held up. Flying in a low formation per usual, both recon planes were shot down by the DShK guns on the roofs of buildings. General Erskine was horrified at the shooting down of the planes, unaware of the capabilities of the Mau Mau to do that. Five hours in, the police began to rout due to the shell shock of the heavy fighting the police were simply not ready for as they where vastly outgunned and had taken the brunt of the coalition losses.
As the Mau Mau continued to put pressure on the coalition more and more coalition forces got stretched thin and fighting started to set in more and more. With overbearing supply losses, after ten hours, the coalition started to rout from their positions, ceding more of the city to the Mau Mau. The fighting raged on until the 27th when the Mau Mau claimed the capital of Kenya. The colonial government had long been routed to Mombassa on the 12th of April after extensive bomb threats to multiple Kenyan government buildings. On the 6th of May with extensive backing from the Afrocom and approval from the Soviets, Dedan Kimathi declared the Jimbo la Kikomunisti la Kenya or the “Communist State of Kenya” made up of the lands held by the Mau Mau.
Enraged, the British government deposed Sir George Erskine from Kenyan military operations for incompetence. Talks opening up with Jomo Kenyatta about taking over the what was left of the Kenyan colonial government, leading the way to making Kenya a dominion. As Daniel arap Moi pressed and continued to work with the Ethiopians to unify north Kenya east of Lake Turkana, it was clear to everyone that the situation in Kenya was deteriorating at a rapid pace.
Part Two
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2018.08.24 23:33 TessaBissolli The stories of the BL reveal the hidden architecture of the show.

Most series try to get as many stories as they can. This one I think uses a very limited menu of basic stories, combines the elements in different ways, and dresses it up with flourishes, in order to drive the story forward. If we think less about the specific blacklister, and instead look at the stories we are told a trend emerges: We are being told a handful of basic stories in several guises, and then the stories are being combined, as we progress into the seasons.
Which are those stories?
in Ranko Zamani, we meet the main characters. The theme is being abandoned. We hear about Liz’s abandoning criminal father and dead mother. Redddington abandoned his own daughter and wife, and Tom, Liz’s husband is not who he says he is. Red uses Zamani as a double and a decoy.
in 1.02 we encounter the first shapeshifter, one who appears good, but is bad, a socialite who instead is a criminal hiding in plain sight.
in 1.03 we meet an honest architect used as a spy in the country of his ancestors, while the other part of the story deals with an invisible, secret child. Kirk will describe himself as a former honest businessman and Liz certainly was a secret child.
The Stewmaker has a story about a father who finds his family slaughtered and from it a life work emerges until he knows he must pay.
The Courier is a story about an abusive father who cannot deal with a child who feels no pain and abuses him horribly. He becomes a middleman. His brother explains the story. The sibling theme.
Gina Zanetakos was painted as the presumptive girlfriend of the fake husband but Tom had married Liz because he loved her, and he had broke up with Gina. Now think of Katarina, Reddington, Carla.
Frederick Barnes is a story about a father desperate to save his secret son, while we are introduced to Bubble Girl and the secret growth chart.
in 1.08 we meet Sam, adoptive father. We will later know that he was well acquainted with Katarina, Red and "Raymond".
in 1.09/1.10 we meet Kate Kaplan, nanny and cleaner who will be the second missed shot to the head like Anslo, both with bad consequences. Like the cabal did, hiring Anslo, Kate would hire Isabella, who also hated Red.
The Good Samaritan Killer is one of Liz’s serial killer cases, a man who took revenge against an abusive mother, and made it his life work, a way that Red describes the work of the Stewmaker, and a theme reprised in the Capricorn killer. Monster hunting monsters.
The Alchemist makes people disappear by creating a dead doppelgänger, and we see how a man on the run with his family has more vulnerabilities. Look to the family to find him. To protect a family they must be abandoned. The theme will come back with Liz and Jennifer.
in 1.13 we see bad reasons to have a child, and we also see how to use DNA to find how people are related: do not look for an exact match, look for relatives.
Madeline Pratt, one of Red’s girlfriends, who is a thief and a doblecrosser uses Red and Liz as the distraction, as payback for leaving her with no explanation, for not showing up to a rendezvous. She creates a plausible narrative, with a patsy.
in 1.15 we see someone starting a revenge, then it becomes a life’s work, like the farmer’s parable. The cabal get themselves a new mole by creating a problem, then solving it.
in Mako Tanida, Ressler loses the woman he loved, and starts to go down a path of destruction, Red brings him the head of his enemy to stop him.
in 1.17 we see someone using a known criminal (Ivan’s) name to commit crimes. A name doppelgänger to hide crimes. Reddington blamed for the killing of Berlin's daughter and the bombing.
1.18 Milton Bobbit remains a mystery. The only thing that occurs to me is that people with nothing to lose are ripe for being used. Was Red used the same way? Was Katarina?
in 1.19 we see a story about abducting and returning a dissident scientist from China for being a traitor . Think Katarina, who Velov is hunting after her fake death. The scientist fakes a medical emergency to abduct her from China.
in the Kingmaker we see a man risk his family for political gain, the wife dies.
1.21/1.22 introduces a doppelgänger criminal using the same name also with grudges against their enemy, in a story about a father avenging his child who faked her death. The double theme will repeat in Zal Bin Hasaan, and in many episodes. Liz shoots Tom, and he is apparently dead, but she saves him.
in 2.01 we have two siblings, one is killed by the other, and she assumes her identity. Twins is the most extreme form doubles and doppelgängers. We meet Reddington’s wife and hear again about his daughter, now missing. The story involves two trackers: both using personal details: Samar tracks Red through his taste is ties, and Nora tracks Carla using her like for WWII documentaries, among others.
Monarch Douglas Bank is a form of a false flag operation in which a bank for criminals is used by the FBI black operations too. The case involves a secret keeper in danger.
we meet a man who becomes a criminal to save children, after losing his medical license for saving a child. He goes underground, becomes a criminal to obtain money to finance what he sees as his mission.
Dr. Linus Creel talks about spending time with one parents to understand oneself, as Liz spends some time with Carla Reddington. Red talks about bringing a bottle of Liz’s favorite wine. The wife gets a new identity and we learn that Reddington’s daughter is missing. Introduces the US Marshals as a player in the game.
A husband and wife team have a drastic plan, but she backs out because she is pregnant, he takes up with his mistress and hurts her.
The Mombasa Cartel has another shapeshifter, someone hiding in plain sight, pretending to be something, but in reality he is a criminal. he also has a secret family, in his previous identity, including a very secret second child, one that grows in secrecy, his existence denied.
The Scimitar story is about a covert agent, who infiltrates anything, even if it means working for the person, until he can kill them.
the Decembrist shows another shapeshifter. A long term associate of sorts turned out to have been the enemy. Unintended consequences of an act of anger, setting a man against another, using a name as a scapegoat, maybe someone presumed dead, or maybe an alias.
in the first graphic novel The Gambler an FBI agent is forced to participate in an illegal operation, and when his cover is exposed, and his family killed, his existence is denied, the records disappeared. the illegal operation involved framing criminals for crimes they did not commit, when they cannot be convicted for the ones they did commit.
in 2.09 & 2.10 we finally see memories of the fire first referenced in 1.01 We hear a woman who sounds like two women.
in Ruslan Denisov we see a deep cover CIA asset protecting interests from an oil company, covering up a crime from long ago from before the USSR ceased to exist. It introduces the Perestroika in which foreign companies were allowed to invest in the USSR.
The Kenyon Family has another bad father who cast away his son. The young ones rebel against the elders for their “sins”.
in 2.13 we see a bizarre husband & wife team of sorts. The wife killing the husband, then using his name and MO, but for her own interests. A false flag and a name doppelgänger. This theme will be reprised in Ilyas Surkov.
Earl King tells us a story about another bad father and two sons, in which only one would survive, the heir and a spare, except the heir is the most ruthless and successful criminal.
The Major is a man who trains covert operatives, picks up wayward teens and makes them into covert agents.
in 2.16 Red admits he is much like Tom Keen. Tom is a talented covert operative who fell for his target, a fact Red begrudges him. We see how a covert agent becomes a different person, and we see what happens when the cover is blown.
Roger Hobbs, a wealthy businessman with ties to the cabal attempt a foolish endeavo, becomes a shapeshifter even more. Red puts him in his debt to use him in his war.
in Vanessa Cruz we meet a woman who is described as a ghost, who takes many appearances and is avenging a dead husband. Someone who pretends to be dead by drowning with folded clothes on the beach. Her mother thinks she is dead. She loses her identity to become an avenging angel. The theme is to get people for crimes they did not commit when they cannot be tried for the ones they did commit. A theme which was first taken by The Gambler. Ian Garvey will be a victim of it.
Leonard Caul was Fitch’s secret keeper (the fulcrum he made) and we start to be introduced Liz’s mother under one of her many appearances: a blond. It also introduces the place where Red keeps his secrets.
in Quon Zhang we learn one of Liz’s mother’s many names and occupation. It involves a traumatic fire, and smuggling people.
in Karakurt we finally see the plausible narrative created by the cabal to frame Liz in service of their plans. It had started in 2.10 when Braxton identified Liz as the “girl”in "the fire, the house and the girl". It makes use of a former official fixer. It is a false flag operation, a theme retaken in Ilyas Surkov.
in Tom Connolly we see Liz cornered, she shoots Connolly when he threatens her friends, including the man she thinks is her father, Red.
From 2.21 to 3.10 the cabal creates a plausible narrative framing Liz, using some of what she did. Even a colleague of hers doubts she is innocent at times. Red creates his own narrative to reverse theirs. Still, Liz’s real crime remains. She shot Connolly.
in 3.01 doubles are used to spread misinformation and escape.
Marvin Gerard’s story is a father trying to save a child. A hostage situation was a jail break; smoke and mirrors.
in 3.03 the cabal creates global problems and a cog in the wheel is used as a pawn, manipulated to do what they wanted. He thought he was taking revenge, but he did not know the ultimate plan.
in 3.04 we see a revenge against a mistreating parent. The Djinn creates a doppelgänger to be the fake Djinn, while she intends to take everything from her father, including his life.
in Arioch Cain we see a revenge for a dead relative, by sending assassins after the culprit. Remember Fitch sending Berlin and others after Red because he had stolen something? But Liz did not kill Blair’s mother, she was a scapegoat, even if she was not innocent of all crimes.
Crispin Crandall is a reclusive billionaire who tries to survive an armageddon and in doing so he plays a part in creating a chain of events.
In Zal Bin Hasaan we retake the doppelgänger by having a false trail, someone using the same name to evade pursuers. Remember fake Berlin, fake Ivan, Liz using a body double to be in two places at once? It is a family betrayal as well. Red knows the fake Bin Hasaan is not him because he lacks the burns from a fire he was in. Samar became a terrorist hunter, but it was her own supposedly dead brother she was hunting. 2 siblings become the direct opposites in response to one event: the death of her parents.
in the second graphic novel, The Arsonist, a man forced to commit crimes by the cabal attempts to cleanse his sins by chasing former and current cabal members, while his invention is used by the cabal.
in 3.08 a quirky family of criminals betray one another. They are the “kings”
in 3.09 & 3.10 we find the doppelgänger theme for a floor in a building. Red creates a plausible narrative to exonerate Liz
in Gregory Devry we see Red use a double to create a plausible narrative that he is not who he is: an informant. The double was a grifter like Sam.
So let us try to whittle down the basic elements. Two and a half years (55 episodes) into the story we should already have the elements down.
Identity is one of the themes, and the most notable of them. Identity comprises aliases (almost everyone so far), fake deaths, not knowing one real’s identity (Tom and Liz), multiple identities, covert agents, and most importantly: the use of doubles and doppelgängers to either be in two places at once, to confuse issues, to use them for a false flag operation, to protect oneself, to continue the work, once the original is dead. A secret child, or a secret family also feature in this theme.
Another important subset of identity is the shapeshifter theme in which the good are bad and the bad are good. What seems fake might be real, what seems real might be fake.
another story is to use someone against another. Sometimes willingly, such as in Milton Bobbit sometimes unwillingly, such as Berlin, or by creating a monster by eliminating all they care about, setting them on a revenge
Plausible narratives used to control events, including framing people for crimes they did not commit, etc.
The false flag operation for example is a combination of identity and creating plausible narratives.
Now let us add the themes we see:
The Russian and former USSR theme. A number of elements connect to this main theme, such as St. Nikolas and Christmas who is the patron saint of Russia, but also the patron saint of children. Sometimes is as simple as having Kate’s sister witness a Russian mafia guy take out a cadaver or the letters describing the plague being in cyrillic. The important thing is to keep the Russian theme forefront.
There is a small British theme running too.
Now let us add the symbols peppering the show:
Mirrors as a theme is quite interesting, they are everywhere, sometimes fracturing a view, sometimes entire scenes shot in mirrors. And mirrors reminds us to find the doubles, the parallels, the doppelgängers, but also they reverse things, like a shapeshifter, what we see is opposite of what it is. Parallels are also everywhere, in situation, but also in images.
The water symbol, in its nautical symbols, compasses, the North star, Southern Cross, oceans, rivers, streams, aquariums, fish, fishing, drowning, islands, boats, ships, is everywhere. Water is always associated with Red, and anyone associated with water is on Red’s side, for example Cooper, and strangely enough Tom, and President Diaz. Note that Red almost died by fire, and in classical semiotics, water and fire are opposed to one another.
The fire imagery is quite interesting and increasing as the seasons pass.
Plaid is an interesting symbol for deception. I first observed it a long time ago and I have predicted quite a bit of it. Until Requiem, the first time plaid had been seen was the fire, the man briefly see in the fire, leaving the house. In Cape May we have a man in plaid, also with facial hair been Katarina first pursuer. But Requiem shows us the first time chronologically that a character is wearing plaid, and that is Kate. And Kate has discrepancies in her background, between what Aram finds out and her curriculum vitae as given to Katarina.
Musical instruments are used as a symbol for grief. Many characters are seen by them: Red, Dom, Katarina in Cape May, Scottie, Berlin, Rostov, Liz, the Stewmaker, Norah Mills (Lord Baltimore), the Vacarros. All people who have seen loss and death, except for Diane Fowler, an interesting exception.
Magic is an interesting one as it as it is making believe things that are not there while distracting attention to what is there. Red has been described as a magician, and he is an illusionist, he creates charades, and most of the plausible narratives, some of them incorporating doubles and doppelgängers are his trademark. He wears a hat, and the show has rabbits and mirrors everywhere.
Red also gives us some clues to things in reminding us to pay attention to: hair, apples, Christmas, and finally to look at all the clues together because it is a puzzle, among others.
Christmas is one of those themes that seem to pop us everywhere. Now combine them: Christmas and Russia gives us Russian Eastern orthodox, like Rostov. There were 2 rabbits the night of the fire, was one of them a double?
and there are a lot of chess mentions: in names, in images, in checkered floors. We have had Keen, Kings, Leroys, Ray, queens, princesses, castles, Bishops, Knightley, empires, kingdoms, monarchs, Lord, etc.
So the symbols, themes, and stories are ways in which the narrative of the Blacklist are being assembled. A limited number of themes for stories.
We have had lots of father stories, good fathers, bad fathers, misguided fathers. A small number of mother stories, most of them about bad mothers.
A running theme about doubles, doppelgängers and false flag operations, and another of mirrors, shape shifters, parallels.
secret identities, secret families, secret children and secret fathers all run to identity, as do covert agents who create an identity as if it were a real person.
Red has now openly been revealed to be an impostor, which we had been shown from the very beginning, he is associated with water, he is a master in illusions, and his real identity or his relationship to Liz is a mystery, which is a form of identity: is he her father, is he an impostor or is he a supplanter, which is not the same as an impostor. Who is he. Was he reddington’s double? Was Raymond Reddington his double? Did Raymond Reddington exist at all? He was in the fire, and bear burns that night, like the real Zal Bin Hasaan prove he is who he says he is. Is he a covert agent?
Katarina has been seen just in mirrors: memories, hallucinations, as a parallel to Tom, a covert agent. Whose real identity is a mystery, using several aliases, with a mysterious death or disappearance. is her disappearance a fake death as the parallel to Vanessa Cruz seem to indicate? Was she really KGB or was that another secret “identity”, that she was CIA instead?
Liz had no idea who she really was, had a secret identity, might have more, she faked her death, was in serious peril as a child, had at least three fathers to date: Constantin Rostov, Raymond Reddington and Sam, possibly she might have more. She had two names, spoke two languages. And she had a penchant for being kidnapped. I think she is a secret child, she has a secret grandfather.
Tom was a child in peril, was kidnapped, did not know who he really was, had several aliases, was a covert agent, fell for a target and married her, so he was a fake husband who became a real husband, he became a father, and he was used by his real father and by the parental figure in his life.
Agnes is growing up likely as what her real identity would have beenAgnes Hargrave, but her real identity is her father’s fake identity, she was kidnapped as a child by a man who thought was her grandfather.
Dom seems to have a secret identity, he might have been the real Oleander a KGB agent, he is living in a solitary cabin in the woods, likely hiding, unable to reveal his true identity to his grandchild, and without a single photo in his house. He has a piano and mourns the loss of his daughter.
Jennifer has been living under aliases, but not for the reason she thought she was, hiding from Raymond Reddington, because that was a rouse to hide her mother and her away from the cabal. She had a criminal protector, and her mother seems to be dead, like Liz’s. And it seems that Liz and her are half sisters on the paternal side. But an examination of the three conditions for the DNA reveal show us that likely she and Liz are not sisters on the paternal side. Again mirrors. Look at the other side. 2 girls, abandoned by the father. 2 mothers, mysteriously dead. 2 criminal protectors. 2 girls living under different names, living lies.
Carla Reddington, living under an alias, now mysteriously dead (or is she?), kidnapped. She recognizes Liz 26 years later, and is protective of her daughter.
Kate was a nanny and a cleaner, her past seems full of contradictions and lies, took the name of a dead lover, and was at the end a shapeshifter, one that seemed good but turned bad. Love turned to hate
So to solve who is Red, we have to look at the themes and stories. We know there is a double or a doppelgänger involved, there is an illusion, he is marked by fire, and is associated with water, making all but certain that he is a Navy man, we know he has a secret identity.
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2017.12.12 03:57 wolfbysilverstream [spoilers] Tales of the Blacklisters

I have seen all sorts of discussions about the significance of the Blacklisters themselves. Some people believe that the Blacklisters (or some of them) tend to reflect a parallel to Red, Katarina and Liz's life. TessaBissolli has expressed a belief that the Blacklisters brought to the task force by Red are in fact selected by Red to tell a story to Liz (which is a sort of specialized case of the first reason), and others seem to believe that other than the Blacklisters directly connected to the story of Red, Katarina and Liz, the others are just happenstance - a good yarn.
Of late I have started believing that there seems to be more to the Blacklisters than just random chance (at least to those that are brought to the forefront by Red). And there seem to be some underlying themes that get repeated from one episode to another. This then makes me think that maybe there is something to the theory that says someone is in fact trying to send a message through the selection of the particular Blacklisters. In particular, at this stage in the game we see that there are certain themes that seem to have been repeated through more than one Blacklister. For instance:
And there are lots of other small and big themes like these spread throughout the show.
So I don't know which is true, whether Red is telling Liz a story through some of the Blacklisters, or the writers are telegraphing the story through the Blacklisters, or what. But there is something going on with the selection of what the Blacklister's portray, and it's worthy of a discussion.
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2017.07.03 06:41 911bodysnatchers322 Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 82: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

[Part 81] [[Part 82]] [[Part 83]] [[Part 84]] [[Part 85]] [[Part 86]] [[Part 87]] [[Part 88]] [[Part 89]] [[Part 90]]
  • Day 248.1. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • <<<<<< CONT from last part
    • The Awans--we had focused on mainly the brothers Abid, Imran, Jamal making one hundred and sixty five thousand dollars a year
    • We talked about Nanoset technology secreting satellite technology out of the United States through his--Imran Awan's wife--but what we hadn't talked a lot about was the other wife
    • We hadn't really talked about Hina Alvi--and her one hundred sixty-six thousand dollar salary
    • We had mentioned that SUPARCO is the the funnel, for getting us satellite technology out to OPEC states. Especially the UAE
    • But NATALIA SOVA has been the sixth AWAN if you will--The wife of Omar Awan--that is Ukrainian
    • It's gonna turn out that the reason why she's involved, is that she is the contact for NADRA Bank which is a Ukrainian bank
    • So this is the financial ratline that's coming forward.
    • We had of course Dagwood, one of our other sources, come forward and talk about NADRA Bank being a Ukrainian
    • And this is basically when you buy a small bank--this is the 11th largest bank in Ukraine--that's a way of funding a ratline
    • And then you run the ratline through the bank for as long as possible, and then you collapse the bank when you run it dry
    • That's exactly what happened with NADRA Bank
    • And hence the email from Julian Assange about NADRA
    • It's also going to be a program a satellite program for whatching ratlines
    • And people in the movement of information and also movement of opium and weapons for Kazakhstan uranium, coming through India going down to the Pakistani nuclear industry in Chashma.
    • And also the weapons industry in Wah
    • So it's nice to know that Natalia Sova is working with Ukrainian Intelligence in that regard
    • The other thing we talked about is election-rigging by SEIU
    • This is Harold Ickes
    • This is Bob Kramer
    • And we talked about how the Awans potentially orchestrated or perhaps were directly involved in creating fate websites for Bernie Sanders candidates for Berniecrats for Democrats congressional candidates, for the DCCC hack
    • As well as the NGP van Robbery
    • This is sweeping up all the NGP van information: all the volunteer and donor information sweeping that up at a state level at a local level and then finally at the Congressional level and then finally at the presidential level
    • Sweeping it all together and moving it all to the Clinton Foundation
    • And of course we they talk we've talked about this private server, that's still that full details have not come out
    • But I believe that this is gonna be a BlackBerry Enterprise Server linking all the laptops throughout Congress to one consolidated server
    • Of course we still don't know the man behind the diplomatic visas of these this Kuwaiti and potentially Qatari sort of honor guard
    • Which is I believe the Awans are involved in,
    • And they're sort of a not only are they Pakistani Intelligence but they operate sort of an honor guard for the royal family of UAE and Qatar potentially
    • {{inaudible}}
    • So now more than ever the American people want to be leveled with
    • They want to get the 650 thousand emails at least the metadata from Andrew McCabe
    • Andrew McCabe seems to have profited at least $1 per email from Hillary Clinton to bury this investigation
    • There's obvious *quid pro quos all over the world now, with Iraq--remember Andrew McCabe when he has a chance to ask for 200 more agents, he doesn't ask for 200 more agents from Miami to look for Bernie Whisenant's murderer, he asks for 200 more agents for IRAQ* through Patrick Kennedy at the State Department[qpq1][qpq2][qpq3][qpq4][qpq5]
    • We also know that yet another article is about it now, about him saying not only "F Flynn and then we're going to F Trump"
    • We have two different articles talking about him going on tirades inside the FBI about that
    • But now of course we have a new article by Sue Carter at Circa News saying that he was targetting Robyn Gritz, as well as Michael Flynn with deep-dive surveillance
    • As I've said from the beginning because Michael Flynn stood up for Robyn Gritz--who is a great special agent representative in the FBI
    • We talked about Alpha Jalloh, who I have said, "if you are a wheelman and you are driving MS-13 murderers around, not only are you involved in a luxury car ring--which you should be serving more than one or two months in jail for--but you are included in the Felony Murder Rule, any time a murder happens
    • If you're the wheelman of the car, you're just as guilty as the other people who are in in the car
    • We also have stolen cars being sold from New York and New Jersey, down in Virginia, with donations going to mosques, and they are being shipped to Pakistan through Florida
    • So we have that we also have the registered agent
    • This is Arshad Mahmood, excuse me, right here Arshad Mahmood who is a wheelman
    • An organizer for a murder down in Virginia at a mosque in Richmond
    • Again this is Awan Brothers LLC--the registered agent is "Manassass Mahmood" Arshad Mahmood
    • So if you are engaged in murder in Virginia, there's a likely process that you might be engaged in murder all along the east coast
    • Including lawyers in Florida
    • Again, just want to remind you, the Daily Caller--there's 80 different Democrats that the Awan brothers have worked for
    • And there is a Capital police police report for the 20 different burglaries of different offices
    • Again the Daily Caller came out of an article yesterday saying there's mainly a clutch of six [8-10] key individuals in Congress that knew what was going on[lr1]
    • The rest of the members of Congress kind of being duped into paying part of the Awans salary
    • Greg Meeks is going to be one of those key the people
    • And their congressman Deusch and Jackie Speier are also going to be two more in that conspiracy
    • Again, all we have to do is look at the articles that have come out saying these thin clients--these laptops were placed throughout Congress
    • And there was an off-site server
    • And that has been confirmed by the FBI in James Comey's testimony, as well as Andrew McCabe's follow-up to Congress--that the blackberry sinking was to how the members were being having their information stolen
    • We also now look at the murderer that's involved in this and the illegal weapons trade that's involved here and it makes the blackmailing of congressional members seem rather tame now
    • But this again it's what is holding up the investigation in Congress because members are being blackmailed
    • We also have situations now that we not only know that the stepmother was threatened and imprisoned, and threatened with kidnapping with relatives, and her phone was hacked
    • We also know about the six mortgage companies that the Awans also had, in addition to the car companies
    • And we have the Sam Toqueer here the roommate Toqueer Winfield with the 17 tickets
    • 17 tickets with no license and no registration
    • I had both a license and a registration in Ohio, when I reported their illegal depleted uranium and spent uranium trade--I was imprisoned for two days --- I had a license and registration
    • Here we have somebody with 17 tickets, one of them being an alcohol-related charge -- No consequences
    • {{ 911bs: Your problem George is you weren't a big enough criminal to not go to jail }}
    • I submit that also as evidence to prove that the Awans's had diplomatic immunity and diplomatic cover
    • Again we have Hillary Clinton telling Huma Abedin to have Anthony's trusted staff in DC prepare a phone--secure phone--we know that these phones are not approved by the NSA
    • We also have the key names being redacted that are preparing those phones for no reason at all
    • This email came out through judicial lunch[sic] {{lol}} Judicial Watch for some reason
    • The person preparing the secure phone--the name has been redacted--all we really need to do is unredact it.
    • There's no reason what in the world why this person on Anthony Weiner's trusted staff that's preparing these phones these secure phones should be redacted
    • Again there was a secure phone that was available from the NSA was a $4,700 phone here
    • But {{G D}} Hillary rejected that secure government cell phone, and went to her was a private secure private special Blackberries
    • So this is a TruePundit article showing that they were in fact correct all those days ago, as I mentioned
    • Director Comey confirmed this blackberry syncing
    • I added to the fact that Anthony Weiner's background with Intelligence [with his relationship to] Ehud Barack, gives him the perfect capability to maintain the spy ring in Congress, long after his 12 years in Congress was up in 2011
    • And finally I'll say it to Wayne Madsen: "No I'm not a Republican hack. I am Berniecratt, and I now had joined the club here for defending a Somali student who was set up"
    • {{ YellowText: "Defended Mohamed Mohamud, A Somali Student in the Portland Christmas Tree Bombing Case vs Andrew McCabe Who Promoted Fake Terrorist for JTTF" }}
    • {{ 911bs: George You really don't need Wayne Madsen's approval. Why do you want it so badly? You've proven >75% of your thesis. You're more of a journalist than Wayne Madsen could ever be, esp. if he's so dense he still believes the establishment illusion. People like Wayne Madsen still calling us conspiracy theorists are quickly becoming the laughing stock or the world, as the deepstate melts down in the reactor of public opinion and trust }}
    • Now we see Chuck Grassley who has written a letter to Andrew McCabe about being involved in the $650,000 bribe and not declaring that on his ethics form
    • And now we have what yet more evidence that there was yet two other reprisals: one against Special Agent Gritz the other reprisal against Michael Flynn using surveillance
    • And he used illegal surveillance here the 12333 provision of "Collect-it-all" against Mohammed Mahmud
    • So I'll leave that there
    • I'll go into the other homicides later
    • But that's the wrap-up for this morning
  • Day 248.2. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • NOCAPS 114
    • Day 248 This is part 2
    • You know where I am...broken mirror is seven years bad luck {{ King David Gallery 23 in NYC, across from pressure cooker bomb }}
    • We got both the Maersk being attacked--15 container ships look like they're being attacked with some kind of cyber attack
    • We don't know the extent of the damage, we don't know if it's specifically targetted at the DIPLOMATIC RESERVATION SYSTEM or not
    • I imagine that there are a lot of kings or princes of UAE that are breathing a little easier now
    • We also talked about the Missle and Space defense command in HUNTSVILLE, Alabama,
    • Which is the REDSTONE ARSENAL
    • We talked about the guy who died there--about a week ago
    • We have an active shooter situation there now
    • Go through the pile, the last 2 or three people that are announced, those are going to be your whistleblowers
    • So I expect a whole bunch of stories about other people, other victims
    • Then we'll have who is actually the target at the end
    • Kind of like the LEE MALVO shooting where the Navy gal gets shot at the end.
  • Day 249.1. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. This is day two forty-nine point one
    • You can see we're here at the Port of Newark
    • Behind us the Anna Maersk
    • See these folks that are working on the ship getting dropped off to go to work here at The Container Terminal Newport
    • This was the port that got hit
    • This was one of--we've confirmed it with the folks here at the port--the one of the 20 set of one of the 14 or 15 ports the APM ports
    • So APM could be automatic product automated product management product flow something like that
    • Anyway that system is for all the electronic management of all these containers
    • And now it's all manual
    • The system is still down here a day later after the hack
    • So thus everything coming off the ship--we talked to several of the guys working on the ship, from all over the world, Philippines India, Malaysia and so forth... some from Kuwait, Croatia, Montenegro
    • No one knew what was coming off the ship
    • There's none of that information that comes up anymore on the forklifts or any of the trucks or any of the moving equipment the hauling equipment
    • {{ 911bs: that's a very dangerous situation in terms of national security }}
    • So it's very interesting the impact of this hack that occurred
  • Day 250.1. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. This is Day 250 part 1
    • So we have early word this morning that after the Maersk left last night at about 8 o'clock the Port of Newark shut down
    • Port Elizabeth there there Elizabeth channel and the Newark channel
    • So it shut down that APM port shut down after all the blind cargo was offloaded off the Maersk Anna
    • That we have we're going to confirm that later on today
    • A couple of other key legislative things that happen look for 2011 look for 2011 of uranium releasing
    • This idea of leasing uranium
    • The sense that we bring in highly enriched uranium that HEU from other countries, and then we send the depleted uranium back
    • So we leased the uranium for the time that's used in the nuclear reactors
    • Then we send the DU back
    • So this is the opposite of what I have been saying as well
    • So we might have two-way traffic here
    • Or I might have got it reversed and we have the DU going the other way the DU going back to make into munitions
    • And then coming back as weapons as armament and ammunition
    • The other thing to look for is a 2011 agreement, where we actually do that with Mongolia of all places
    • And then also the UAE the UAE is in that agreement
    • We're going to have I think six or seven countries in that uranium leasing agreement 2011
    • That's for the US
    • Now for the Europe 2013
    • You're going to have a similar agreement
    • Remember I was talking about the people in Germany protesting that the depleted uranium was leaving their country and had people hanging from bridges and protesting?
    • But Der Wuertenberg where that depleted uranium was leaving the country?
    • That is also going to be a 2013 agreement where they use the enriched uranium, to use in their fuel plants and then send the depleted uranium out
    • So the ATU in DU out
    • So that's what we're working on today
    • Are we going to go to a-1[sic] Awan transport down in Long Island?
    • You betcha! You betcha we're going to find out all about them we had that cage code from last night
    • The key thing is the cage code allows you to deal with the Defense Logistics Agency
    • So if I am the Awan Brothers, and I get a cage code, that means I'm dealing with the Defense Logistics Agency to move around sensitive material. Okay?
    • And I do that through the Defense Intelligence Agency that's not needed for doing mango shipping
    • It's not needed for doing mango shipping
    • Defense Logistics Agency is for shipping sensitive goods that are potentially going to be screened by the State Department
    • So that's part one for today
  • Day 251.1. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. Day 251 This is part one
    • Khanashin Khanashin Khanashin where the heck is Khanashin?
    • Khanashin is spelled Khan like Wrath of Khan, then a and then like the word shin {{ Khaaaaan! a shin, yvw }}
    • Like you're trying to con somebody out of their shin, right?
    • Well you may not know where this is, but our young men and women have died for places like Khanashin
    • Unknown places in Helmut province in Afghanistan
    • And we have reports out of Khanshin Kandahar that Pakistani ISI has taken over the local village, forced the men into labor for the digging up uranium
    • Men creating an illegal uranium trade down to Karachi
    • Shipping shipping uranium from Karachi to other states, including the United States, and of course UAE for their nuclear program
    • So more confirmation.
    • More footprints
    • More metadata
    • More proof
    • Just look up Khanashin from from this morning and be reporting from this morning okay
    • So we've talked about depleted uranium
    • We've talked about it moving in and out on the Maersk Line in the Mideast cruise line the MECL
    • All those ports along the MECL conveniently conveniently were hacked
    • And are still--many of them still locked down 11 of the 17 still locked down
    • So we have that but we also have now the other half of Hillary's illegal weapons trade, which is the white phosphorus
    • The white phosphorus from guess where?
    • Western Sahara
    • That desert rock, that desert phosphorus rock is rich, very rich in the white phosphorus needed to make white phosphorus bombs
    • So yesterday while the world was worried about the facelift of Mika Brzezinski we had the picture of the araignee the Yemini girl her face being burned through by just little specks by just little specks of phosphorus that had eaten through her face--that's the one that WikiLeaks had tweeted out[ja][NSFW]
    • So I think our focus I think our focus needs to move toward those pay-to-play deals that occurred where Hillary got and the Clinton Foundation got 12 million dollars from the King of Morocco got--16 million dollars from the phosphate King
    • Took over Western Sahara took over Western Sahara for the desert rock for those illegal weapons trade
    • So if the Pakistani ISI is getting that uranium out of the hills of Afghanistan--not just uranium, but NASA estimates the billions, hundreds of billions of dollars worth of mineral wealth in all different types of precious metals, and other metals--and they're going to bring them all the way to Karachi, are they're going to forget about the Awan brothers, their tie their spy ring on Capitol Hill, to bring it in for your legal trade in the United States??
    • Still here we stand at a 250 days later: no reporter has asked [TRUMP / SPICER] about the Awan brothers
    • Why do we have a spy ring?
    • Why did we have a spy ring on Capitol Hill?
    • Does that not present a clear and present danger?
    • Should we not convene a meeting of the Joint Chiefs to do an Intelligence assessment, to see what was stolen?
    • That's my simple question
    • Still I know Mike Cernovich tweeted briefly yesterday, about the fact that the Awan brothers--just mention their name
    • I've asked him to go as a White House Correspondent to ask that question
    • I've asked a lot of different White House Correspondents
    • Just ask the question!
    • Before Trump can tweet it, he has to hear it, in the press briefing--in the adjoining rooms of the White House
    • So we talked about white phosphorus we talked about depleted uranium
    • Now let's talk about NGP van. NGP van
    • What's NGP van?
    • Well NGP van is that database--that key database of the Democratic Party--that's the data you only rent as the data
    • You go up and down the street, you knock on doors, you get volunteers, you get mega donors from these nice million dollar condos, and you put it all in your database
    • Well what did NGP van and the Democratic National Committee do with all that data?
    • Well they loaded it up
    • They loaded it up just like this van over here, [and] the van beyond it
    • They loaded up city information for local races
    • They load it up
    • Here they go!
    • Here's city / state / national and Congressional
    • They loaded up all that information each van that goes by is a symbol of data going to the Democratic National Headquarters and SEIU
    • The local / state / national Democratic Caucus, the Congressional Caucus the DCCC, and the Bernie National information the DNC information--
    • All that information--NGP van--then moves in one giant move, almost a year ago today.
    • Just imagine this whole street being filled with NGP vans, just chockers with NGP vans moving to where?
    • A few blocks away over at the Clinton Foundation
    • Moving from Washington DC to the Clinton Foundation--a whole stream a whole street of NGP vans, moving down the street
    • Illegal not to be done before a candidate is nominated, three weeks later at the Democratic National Convention
    • Somebody moved the AGP van files
    • Somebody moved the NGP vand files, Okay?
    • Who moved those files?
    • Well we know somebody who had the password to those files
    • Somebody who had the passwords of those files, tried to pass us a thumb drive with the NGP van files
    • Today we get another set of files from that same person who tried to pass us NGP van files
    • The person seems to know a lot about NGP van files
    • As a matter of fact we need to ask him: "who moved the NGP Van files?"
    • I didn't work for five years for organizing for America
    • I didn't work for George Soros for five years
    • I didn't work in the SEIU what I call the SEIU Beatles which is George Soros, Andy Stern, Harold Ickes, Bob Creamer)--the SEIU Beatles
    • I didn't work for them but somebody who moved the NGP van file sure did who moved the NGP band files
  • Day 251.2. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • KOREAN
    • Awan Brothers have made it into the press
    • WND--Garth Kant[GK] great writer.
    • He started out at CNN, MSNBC, moved over to WND, put all the information about Awans I put in the videos in one article
    • {{ 911bs: no creddit of course to numerous ppl on reddit / voat who wrote this very same article several times over, months ago too (J_Dillinger, looking at you brothaman; And you VC Bestor) Ok though, we're syndicated by IWB so we now we're journalists right? }}
    • Abid Awan / Omar getting drunk driving charge, not being convicted, 3 charges up from what George was charged
    • Stoltenberg Secretary General of NATO
    • {{ 911bs: his name literally means he stole ten mountains "Stole ten berg" }}
    • Stoltenberg said time to invoke article 5, an attack on one is an attack on all, so cyber attack could have been an attack on a powerplant. He invoked 'chernobyl' {{ trope }}
    • Monitoring the situation of security council
    • NGP van -- we know that's how they moved all the data to CF a couple of blocks. But what does NGP stand for
    • It stands for Nathaniel G Pearlman
    • He was the guy who ran Bill clintons' 1992 campaign and then he worked in the Clinton whitehouse
    • SEIU Beatles--add in Nathan Pearlman in that group[np]
    • More after the Charles Ortel interview
  • Day 252.1. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. It's a 252 this is part one here in Chelsea 23rd Street the bombing of Eric Braverman not too far behind me
    • Just wanted to go over a couple of stories we're working on of course we're working on a whole bunch of Africa stories
    • We're going to follow organ harvesting in Africa from South America South Africa all the way up through the Zimbabwe into where the hearts were harvested by Mr. Kwame and Rwanda
    • Cutting Congo in half take that uranium from deep in the Congo heart of darkness--Joseph Conrad
    • Take it over to the eastern side of the western side of Africa we're going to pick up Boko Haram and in Nigeria
    • We're going to go up that west coast of Africa through the Western Sahara we're going to get all that desert rock for our white phosphorus weapons that we're going to accept the twenty eight million dollar bribe for from the King of Morocco
    • We're going to move over across the shelf of Africa do all the revolutions we did with George Soros
    • Up and we're going to bring we're going to snake through Africa like a black Mombasa
    • We're going to go into Kosovo and we're going to start and we're going to take that organ harvesting that we learned down there and Congo perfected in Nigeria got even more refined with going up through Morocco coming across the Shelf of Africa
    • So we bring it to Kosovo
    • And that's really going to be the story of the 90s
    • That's going to bring us up to what happens in Kosovo in 1999 with all the organ harvesting in 1999
    • And that's going to take us as a model through the Clinton Foundation
    • The Hillary part of the Clinton Foundation which is
    • So different from the older Bill Clinton part of the Clinton Foundation
    • Which is more I'm not going to say hoe and blow, but it was really focused more on hoe and blow
    • And it turned into hearts and darts
    • Hearts meaning: hearts, livers, kidneys all that our organs
    • And then of course darts meaning: stinger missiles sarin gas white phosphorus weapons depleted uranium weapons
    • Hearts and darts and that's really the story here
    • It's really a story as we move through Africa and getting better at the the hearts and darts
    • That we actually Now move that the Haiti
    • We move it into the United States we get closer and closer and so we bring that into our own country
    • Those are the stories were working on everybody's going to say NGP van I want my N G P {{ I want my MTV }}
    • Of course we're not going to skip NGP Van--we've got NGP van for you
    • We're going to cover a story about Stu Trevelyan is the current CEO of NGP
    • And we're going to talk about personal messaging, personally messengers, and personally addressable messengers
    • So if I want to grab a heart out of this guy right here, I can just go ahead and grab that heart
    • Now I can find a happier place for it, because I'm going to have a whole bunch of elites in my NGP van system, and some of them are going to have heart problems
    • And I'm going to take that same voter system which was kind of foot in the door, and I'm going to use it for a donor system, and a recipient system for a whole bunch of things
    • Med school admissions
    • Getting people hearts
    • Getting older guys girlfriends
    • It's going to become a donor system far beyond a voter system
  • Day 252.2. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. This is day 252 part 2
    • And I'm here at the People's Improv Theater or otherwise known here in not Gramercy Park but we're in Murray Hill of course
    • Home of the Murray Hill players maybe? I don't know
    • But it but anyway here we are this great Improv Theater here
    • They have theatre classes so you can become an improv actor or actress if you'd like
    • Lots of clocks here you notice the clocks all over the world we will walk over here in addition to all the Star photos
    • Clocks from everywhere in the world
    • So if you were just coming here for the first time on a date you would know what time it was back home wherever you were
    • {{ 911bs: Or you could follow the white rabbit who is running out of time on the clock on his chest...he's late! he's late! for a very important DATE }}
    • And I'll just to make a little tour around here great bar facility they have here
    • There's also little hints got clocks everywhere and they've got little symbols of places where you may be from
    • So there you have it art by Asher Rogers oh there you go that's the it that's the people's Improv Theater
    • That's the people's Improv Theater Okay. and that may be Asher Rogers I don't know it's not Che Guevara
    • So here we are the pit
  • Day 253.1 Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. This is Day 253 part 1
    • Always returning to the site of the Braverman bombing this was going to be very important of course to see King David Mirrors, where they had to relocate across the street
    • Why do I keep coming back to the Braverman bombing?
    • In the Braverman abduction that night?
    • That's going to be the key to the story Braverman was the CEO of the Clinton Foundation
    • Seth Rich was not
    • Shawn Lucas was not
    • They're important players we're going to continue following those stories but really the story is going to be unraveled here with Braverman
    • So that's why we're talking about how this street was closed down on that night of the 16th
    • And we're looking at what was happening at that theater the night of the 16th both late in the evening in terms of celebration and earlier in the evening as a sight of a potential abduction
    • All the police come down this way on 23rd leaves a vacuum for a rendering on the other end of 23rd
    • Murray Hill players people's Improv Theater that's why I introduced those concepts
    • So they'll be familiar to you later on
    • So yesterday I watched walk down the street I talked about the NGP van.
    • There goes the NGP van why did I keep mentioning NGP van because it could become so important to understanding the whole hack of the DNC
    • Going to be important to understand the whole hack of the DCCC
    • Because they're not really has their leaks. They're going to be inside people leaking
    • You can have their wands inside of the DCCC doing that siphoning off of birdies money and you're going to have them also inside the DNC as well as the local elections
    • Now moving on to the NCP van is not a one-time deal, like I originally thought on July 7th
    • It's going to be something like the regular van which makes periodic deliveries to these restaurants, once a week once a month
    • Now in the case of the DNC because the FBI was calling the help desk at the DNC saying, "hey you've been hacked starting in September of 2015"
    • I believe it's going to be a once-a-month transfer
    • That's kind of the cadence the FBI called about once a month to the help desk
    • And said, "hey DNC, do you realize you've been hacked?"
    • Again that call was being transferred to MIS a company in Chicago[mis]
    • It's the FBI for eight months in a row called the helpdesk at DNC can't overemphasize these facts
    • So I keep repeating them because they're in the Boston Globe article if you want to look it up {{it's not, it's NYT, see link above}}
    • So following the DNC and the DNC hacks as well as the DCCC hacks really does unlock the whole election
    • Yes Seth Rich plays a part of that but I don't actually believe Seth Rich is going to be the leaker
    • I believe Seth Rich is going to be the cover--people are going to blame the NGP van data moving all up to Boston all at once on July 7th, but in actual fact that that's [what was] happening on a monthly basis
    • They were happening during that time--when our people that we've talked to experts in the NGP van software have said that there was a four-hour-window where data could be moved--where all the data was accessible by all the different programs
    • So that's why I say NGP van is so important
    • That's why I keep focusing on Eric Braverman--people inside
    • You're going to find Braverman is gonna be the one who's going to be saying, "follow the money"
    • He's going to be the one leaking the management spreadsheets
    • Management spreadsheets are the ones--the cover story that's created from the management spreadsheets of who the donors are--is going to be the Guccifer 2.0.
    • Guccifer 2.0 is spreadsheets
    • Guccifer two is "hey here are the top donors"
    • This is why the NGP software and the files that Trish got are so important from Defango is that's the kind of reports Braverman would get
    • Braverman would have access to--and friends at the DNC--with access to at the Clinton Foundation
    • Remember whatever's at the DNC is moving to the Clinton Foundation every month
    • So Braverman's getting a monthly list
    • And if he was involved, and he was the key person in the FBI investigation in June 2015, which I believe he was, he's going to be getting a monthly listen, saying "here you go FBI here are all the top donors follow the money follow the quid pro quos here"
    • Okay? Follow the quid pro quos
    • There's going to be another person a second leaker and this is what Craig Murray said
    • There's a second leaker who's going to add access more to the email systems this is going to be more of an IT person
    • So the person I am saying there, who's getting a copy of all the email from the DNC, is going to be Justin Cooper
    • Justin Cooper up at the Clinton Foundation
    • He has the ability to hack
    • There's that famous email that Chelsea talks about Justin Cooper, hacking the email
    • They want a copy of all the emails, because it shows relationships between people, and then therefore you can do a lot if you have that metadata between people
    • You can break up relationships you can strengthen relationships, you can insert yourself in the middle of a deal, and take somebody else's deal
    • So all those DNC emails are gonna be important especially if you're trying to find a second leaker like Eric Braverman, okay?
    • So it's not like John Podesta didn't call for an investigation of who the leakers were. He did.
    • That's how he found the original Eric Braverman with the deep dive that McCabe did
    • So I just wanted to kind of explain this morning why we keep focusing on the pay to place
    • We'll keep following money because we're just doing what Eric Braverman said to do: follow the money.
    • Follow the money
    • The reason with ACG.
    • ACG with this--yesterday we talked about the Annapolis Consulting Group
    • Looks like a kind of a kind of a think-tank for spending the government's money in the area of weapons research
    • So we identified that ACG
    • ACG may have another spin-off
    • How do we spend the government's money in data processing and communications?
    • There's also ACG which is Asia telecommunications group that ties back to the Awans' address
    • And that also that company Asia telecommunications group ends up being the only data center for the U.S. military in Afghanistan
    • So we're going to talk about that at 10 o'clock
    • Look forward to seeing you all there
  • Day 253.2. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. Day to 254 part 2
    • Just an incidental meeting of an author I love meeting authors
    • Jonathan Schafer here and Jonathan Schafer is the famous author who did the documentary the "Art of being Leonard" about a philanthropist who goes all over the world--is that some like George Soros or somebody?
    • JS: He's in that realm although he's very undercover he is it's very hard to find him in fact when we listed his company on the British Stock Exchange--meaning it became a public company--a little scandal happened, because suddenly was on these lists top philanthropists in the UK etc and nobody knew who he was.
    • But he wasn't in that social milieu he was but he wasn't popularly in it
    • So he was sort of a sudden for every there was a who is this guy who keeps all this money away to get kids educated around the world and address poverty
    • G: Now MI6 may have crushed this--that's why it's not on the Internet
    • Can you get it back on the internet if it by putting up social pressure on you?
    • JS: Yes The Art of Being Leonard
    • G: So Jonathan has committed to if we put enough social pressure what's your Twitter oh I like social how are you put social pressure yeah Facebook I have it yeah oh you don't want people bomb yeah ok I could tell
    • G: So you're currently working on a book here about Syria right?
    • JS: I'm working on a feature film about Syria.
    • G: Show us what the writing looks like--this is what a writer's notebook looks.
    • JS: This is 5am at my house
    • G: He writes in hot pink so you can see it in any light. Can you just give a little background on Golan heights?
    • JS: I've been to it a number times the Golan Heights
    • G: you're writing a book about a refugee in Aleppo owns a hospital system is that right?
    • JS: The story is basically a wealthy Syrian loyalist. In any tyranny, there's always a--the biggest thing a tyranny has is a grip on the minds of the people--whether they're the poorest people or the wealthiest people in the country
    • So the story really is about the grip on that person's mind
    • So he was very wealthy in that system, and how the civil war starts to crack that grip on his mind, and radically changes his life
    • G: and Shadi this is a true story based <>
  • Day 253.3. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • PORTUGUESE {{ 'por que' }}
    • Charles Ortel coming up in about an hour, going live
    • Going to ask him about Henry Smith--the person on the darkweb trying to get Hillary emails
    • Henry was on the darkweb trying to buy the emails. We don't know how far he got
    • Ortel was the last to know him. Shane Harris of WSJ broke the story[sh1]
    • We may be the first news org to get that Ortel interview out on the web
    • "Blue Sky Conversation" Quinn Michaels talked about neutrinos being a form of xray--God's xray
    • {{ 911bs: neutrinos pass through almost everything }}
    • Lux collider being built in S. Dakota to see if people are shipping HEU
    • May need to sue for discovery if it's operational
    • Lux would tell us if the 4 diplomatic containers would have said if those had uranium, but we'll find out later today
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2017.06.04 13:20 AutoModerator Weekly Roundup Random Chat Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Flawless Feng leads LPGA event by one shot after 54 holes: Shanshan Feng of China started the third round three strokes out of the lead and ended Saturday's round on top by one shot at the LPGA Volvik Championship in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  2. Tokyo weighs options as Washington, Beijing draw closer
  3. ‘Shocked’ South Korea leader Moon orders probe into why US delivered four extra THAAD launchers without telling him (You mean, it's not normal to move military assets around in "allied" countries as if it is your own soil?)
  4. Building the space Silk Road: BeiDou satellite navigation system for Arab states. Announcement during the First China-Arab States BeiDou Satellite Cooperation Forum. Over 80 representatives from Arab states and international organizations attended
  5. Russia Expects China To Help Resolve Syrian Crisis, "Restore The Country"
  6. #Russia, China sign memorandum on cooperation in #Antarctica: Russia and China are going to expand practical cooperation in exploring Antarctica, the leader of the Russian Antarctic Expedition, Valery Lukin, said
  7. Chinese-built railway given to the Kenyans
  8. In the South China Sea, the U.S. is Struggling to Halt Beijing’s Advance
  9. Russia, China pledge further cooperation on international issues
  10. Paris climate deal: EU and China rebuff Trump
  11. China isn't the only country propping up North Korea: Washington warned ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nation to cut ties with the pariah state "but it does not appear that ASEAN countries are ready to turn the screws on Pyongyang, at least not yet," Kent Boydston
  12. Trump's Loss is Li's Gain as Berlin Rolls Out Red Carpet for China's PM: China, long recognized as the world's dominant trading power, now hopes that by showing leadership on the fight against climate change it can translate its economic might into yet greater political influence
  13. EU, China unite behind Paris climate deal despite Trump withdrawal: We explained to Trump that it would not be good for the world or the U.S. if America was to literally step off the world's stage. Vacuum will be filled, and the Chinese are in prime position to take on a leadership role. - Juncker
  14. Cuba marks 170 years of Chinese presence on the island
  15. #Myanmar, having warmed to the West, turns to China again: Finding less love among the Western democracies, Suu Kyi is cautiously embracing closer ties to China. Suu Kyi’s trip ended with an agreement with China to create an economic cooperation zone as part of the “Belt and Road” initiative
  16. In quitting climate pact, has Donald Trump given China the world on a silver platter? "If you're Xi Jinping, you probably could not have written a better script for how this year could go with Trump essentially retreating across the board on these issues,"
  17. Australia's Loyalties Are Shifting From The U.S. To China
  18. Is China Becoming the World's Most Likeable Superpower?
  19. Oman is positioned to play a significant role in China’s efforts to revive ancient maritime trade routes on land as the Sultanate had been at the centre of an Indian Ocean empire encompassing countries linked to China via old Silk Road
  20. India, Pakistan to Become Full-Fledged SCO Members in June - Secretary General Rashid Alimov
  21. Australian media: Our sovereignty is under threat from the influence of China's Communist Party
In Domestic news
  1. China takes steps to prevent civil servants from using posts for personal gain
  2. Bicycles are eating the lunch of China’s No. 1 car-sharing app
  3. China Football Association announced a new tax on foreign players: Clubs signing players through capital expenditure will be charged the same amount, with the full sum going to the Chinese Football Development Foundation, to train young players, promote social football and soccer charity activities
  4. Nine million ‘left-behind children’ become a social issue in China
  5. China reviews loan shark killing case, triggering a self-defense debate
  6. Chinese government's poverty alleviation achievements earn global acclaim
  7. Chinese Officials to Face Career Restrictions After They Resign
  8. China honors scientists ahead of first sci-tech workers' day: Ten groups, including the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment team, and 28 people were given the "scientific innovation and advancement award."
  9. Expat Teacher in Beijing Fired After Abuse Video Exposed Online
  10. Plus-size models trending in China: Some media reports suggest the top plus-size models can earn as much as 2,000 yuan (around US$292) per hour, and their monthly income could easily surpass 70,000 yuan
  11. Billionaire Jack Ma is Teaching Tai Chi to Entrepreneurs for $15,000
  12. How the QR code has forever changed China’s social habits
  13. The rise of the Little Pink: China’s angry young digital warriors. Contrary to perceptions that most online patriots are young men, some 83% identify as female, according to a Weibo analytics tool. They have been praised by People’s Daily, Global Times and the Communist Youth League
  14. Esports - next frontier in video gaming: There are 170 million players and fans in China, surpassing any other regular sports. Last year, the country generated 50.46 billion yuan ($7.3 billion) in revenues, up by 35 percent from 2015
  15. Cybersecurity law starts for better personal info protection: banning online service providers from collecting and selling users' personal information. Users now have rights to ask service providers to delete their information if such information is abused
  16. Largest Floating Solar Power Plant Now Supplying Power To China
  17. Support grows in China for 1989 Tiananmen crackdown
In SciTech news
  1. WannaCry (global ransomware attack) hackers ‘were likely from southern China’
  2. Unveiling China’s “baby” quantum computer: Lu Chaoyang, a 34-year-old professor at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and one of the developers of the prototype quantum computer, is nicknamed "the photon wizard.”
  3. Pascal Lee: Training for life on Mars
  4. A new UK-China collaborative project is developing a sensor to provide an easy, low-cost method of diagnosing hepatitis on the spot using graphene – an advanced 2D material known for its high electrical conductivity
  5. Tai chi shows strong potential as a primary treatment for mild to moderate depression in Chinese Americans — a group which has traditionally avoided conventional psychiatric treatment, according to a new pilot study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry x-post EasternSunRising
  6. China’s banking industry undergoes drastic transformation in age of internet, AI: “If all the calls had been handled by humans, it would have required tens of thousands of people, but 97.5 percent of the consultations were fielded by AI,” - Chen Long, chief strategy officer of Alipay
  7. #Microsoft Corp has allowed government customers in China to use their own encryption algorithms in the especially-tailored Windows 10 Government Edition, with the aim of keeping all data in the nation, senior company executives said
  8. China’s aviation industry to boost demand for 3D printing: The launch of China’s first commercial airliner built using 3D printed components will pave the way for greater adoption of 3D printing technologies in the sprawling country, according to IDC
  9. Trials of Embryonic Stem Cells to Launch in China to treat parkinsons and blindness
  10. Nanya Technology chief warns China could disrupt global chip market: China's government-backed entities such as Hefei Chang Xin and Tsinghua Unigroup-controlled Yangtze River Storage Technology, known as Changjiang Storage, all aim to start making memory chips as early as 2018
  11. Qi Lu says he can lead beleaguered Baidu to dominance in artificial intelligence: Mr. Lu says he turned down offers at bigger and stronger companies because those would require only 70% of his capabilities while Baidu will demand 100%
  12. The essence of quantum mechanics can be compared to the replications of the Monkey King whose body can be multiplied after blowing one of the hairs plucked from his body, said Pan Jianwei, the leading physicist for the invention of the world's first quantum computer
  13. A close look at China's rise: This supplement looks beyond China's impressive performance in key metrics and examines how the country holds up in other measures of a functioning research ecosystem, such as willingness to make data and research open, science communication and sound science policy
  14. World's first train running on virtual tracks released
  15. World’s First Virtual Track Train Unveiled in Central China (x-post interestingasfuck)
  16. DJI - Spark - Possibilities
In Economic news
  1. Quora: What is the significance of Moody's cutting their credit rating for China?
  2. Is China’s economy turning Japanese?
  3. Indians give thumbs up to Chinese beauty app: Meitu's image-enhancing apps, including its popular BeautyPlus, is used by 1.2 billion users worldwide. Last year in India, it was the most trending app on Google Play, Google's app store
  4. Branding takes centre stage for Chinese companies
  5. Chinese brands surpass Multinationals in brand power for the first time
  6. Are Chinese really to blame for Australia’s high house prices? Dr Rogers wrote it is probable that foreign investment is having an effect...little reliable data showing scale of effect. Australian Treasury last year said there was no strong link between Chinese residential investment and high prices
  7. U.S. Slips in Global Competitiveness Ranking as China Shoots Up
  8. "Chinese Brands Day" set to nurture independently-owned brands
  9. Beijing bling: #Hyundai plots China branding reboot after missile row. Will open its first Chinese brand store, and may locally assemble its premium Genesis cars and accelerate the launch of a sport-utility vehicle (SUV), people familiar with the plans said
  10. Beijing’s May home prices decline for the second month as market curbs begin to bite: Transaction volume and prices fell in 10 of Beijing’s 14 districts, led by declines in Tongzhou and Yizhuang, according to data by 5i5j
In Military news
  1. China has developed a new anti-missile interceptor: its range should be from 10 km to 100 km and its minimum velocity around 12,000 km/h. The average age of the weapon's designers is 32
  2. China is developing a warship of naval theorists' dreams (20,000 ton high speed Submersible Missile Arsenal Battle Cruiser)
  3. China is planning to build a massive underwater observation system across the disputed East and South China seas, that experts say could be used to detect the movement of foreign ships and diminish the stealth capabilities of US submarines
  4. China's new submarine engine is poised to revolutionize underwater warfare
  5. May 2017 - China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress
  6. Free Chinese Arms Package Just Arrived in the Philippines
  7. US missile defense triggers alarm from Russia, China
Other Notables
  1. What's Behind the Myth of China Presenting a Threat to #Russia: Interestingly enough, the idea that China poses a serious challenge to Russia is strikingly similar to the concept of a "Russian threat," being spread by Western political technologists in the US and EU
  2. Remembering Hazel Lee, the First Chinese-American Female Military Pilot: she decided to travel to her parents' native China in 1933 for career opportunities and to assist in the Chinese war effort during the lead-up to the second Sino-Japanese War
  3. More than 54 per cent of women said they preferred the men they date to earn twice what they do, and 30 per cent saying men should earn three times as much, according to the survey by Chinese dating website Zhenai
  4. 1,000 students 'direct traffic' in Inner Mongolia: activity was held to raise awareness of traffic safety
  5. 原本姓「羋」 屈原被屈姓屈?
  6. Russian Film Group, known for Viy and Mystery of the Iron Mask: Journey to China, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Chinese film company Yangtze
  7. A Chinese student in the US speaks out on ‘patriotism’ after Maryland speech uproar: Do I love China more? Maybe not. Do I love China any less? Absolutely not, says Alex Shi after five years of living in the United States
  8. Quora: Why did the US decide to bomb the Chinese embassy in 1999?
  9. Changing The Meta
  10. Meet the man who teaches in the highest classroom on Earth
  11. It's Time For 'Silicon Valley' to Disrupt Its Toxic Asian Stereotypes
  12. Duterte talks about relations with china
  13. Stations: My Railway, My Story - Documentary about Mombasa-Nairobi Railway
  14. Bridges: My Railway, My Story - Documentary about Mombasa-Nairobi Railway
  15. Can this theory also apply to anti-Chinese sentiments?
  16. Why #Japan plainly needs an ‘Asia pivot’ in China’s direction: William Pesek says Shinzo Abe’s apparent overture to Xi Jinping over the belt and road plan was the right move, as his Abenomics strategy to revitalise the domestic economy could do with a major boost
  17. The great #tea robbery: how the #British stole China’s secrets and seeds – and broke its monopoly on the brew. Nice letters from Chinese readers pointing out that they are often considered bad actors when it comes to stealing IP, so it is encouraging for them to learn that the West that started it
  18. Weiqi or Go? The art of name translation war: As China grows and the world knows more about its culture, we hope, where appropriate, Pinyin names can replace the anglicized to represent the true origins
  19. Chinese mortar lift
  20. Macron: Je suis Maoiste
  21. Chinese society troubled by foreign worship mentality
  22. China’s tiered city system explained
  23. The Communist Party is Extremely woke?
  24. Chinese movie God of War about Wokou Pirates will release in America next month. Reviews from Asia say it's not bad.
  25. 74-year-old grandma's impressive workout regime
  26. Zhao Chuang: Meet the man who brings dinosaurs to life, just as China and its dinosaur discoveries unleashed a golden age of paleontology. My family was poor and my hometown is remote -- there weren't many books, especially about dinosaurs. My whole childhood I wanted to draw that book
  27. Natural phenomenon turns sea water fluorescent blue as it washes up on beach in northeast China’s Dalian
  28. Traditional wedding outfits around the world.
  29. It's nice to see a beach volleyball game in summer. A total of 62 teams participate in the 2017 China Beach Volleyball Tournament in Ningxia
  30. The Convenient Disappearance of Climate Change Denial in China
  31. Chinese kindergarten kids synchronized basketball practice dribble routine
  32. People living in extreme poverty 1993 to 2013
  33. Has anyone here ever commented on I see it as a microcosm for the way the West sees Eastern Cultures, particularly China.
  34. Rare Handscroll Attributed To Song Dynasty Li Gonglin Tops $1.3 Million At Bonhams
  35. Guizhou, China’s Big Data Valley, welcomes you!
  36. Why do China bring workers to projects abroad?
  37. "Why are Chinese tourists so rude? A few insights"
  38. Tai Chi Master Uses Penis to Pull Helicopter, Breaks 'World Record'
  39. China plays Donald Trump like a violin
  40. I wish people would shut the fuck up about the Thucydides trap.
  41. What Xi Jinping Wants
  42. First Chinese director wins award for best short film at Cannes: Qiu Yang scoops prize at the French film festival with his short ‘A Gentle Night’
  43. Primary School Students' Reading Behavior Analyzed: Primary school students in Shanghai read an average of 15.32 books a year, more than double the books read by adults. In contrast, adults in Shanghai read 6.61 books per year
  44. Funny commercial for KFC
  45. With few practical incentives to preserve their language, 10 million Manchus have found their mother tongue in a critical state. Many young Manchu people see learning the language as an impractical and unprofitable hobby
  46. Yang Fuqing: Pioneering Coder Who Helped Develop China's 1st OS. Yang, 84, now serves as a professor at Peking University's School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, where she is known as the "Madame Curie of Chinese software" for her outstanding achievements
  47. History of San Francisco’s Chinatown
  48. Born in the USA: Wong Kim Ark The Immigrant Son Who Fought for Birthright Citizenship. The case of United States v. Wong Kim Ark debated whether citizenship should be based upon the principle of “jus sanguinis” (“right of blood”) or “jus soli” (“right of the soil”)
  49. Till death do us part: 95-year-old man remembers beloved wife through paintings.
  50. 360° Video: How to make a zongzi?
  51. Over Half Surveyed Say Husbands Should Earn More than Wives: Among 1,988 respondents polled by the Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily
  52. Chinese group wedding heralds Kenya's new railway
  53. Jamaican-Chinese-American Woman Tells Little-Known Story Of 2 Blended Cultures: Paula Williams Madison, a retired NBC Universal executive who’s Jamaican-Chinese-American, decided to begin actively looking years ago for ties to her Chinese grandfather, Samuel Lowe
  54. How Rape of Nanking author Iris Chang is honoured in Chinese museum newly opened in her family’s ancestral home. Mother says she hopes items on display in Huaian, Jiangsu, will offer visitors insights about her daughter and how she was motivated to highlight Japan’s atrocities
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2012.05.04 11:15 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: AMA African living in Africa. Ask me anything you need to know about living in the 3rd World. Been here all my life.

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Date: 2012-05-03
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Do you think that the Catholic church does more good or harm for people? I think the Catholic church has destroyed many people in Africa because they tell us not to use condoms...but people still have to have sex so in the end they get AIDS.
Thank you for doing this, keep well. Buut...they have some schools and health centres, but just very few of them. I would prefer if catholics and all religions left Africa in peace.
Africa, then the World. True.
But what about the Christian workers and people who help out the community? As long as they don't preach religion I'm fine with them.
Curious question about Catholics and condom use... They say not to use it (or any contraceptives) but that hasn't kept a lot of people in other places from using condoms and other contraceptives, why is Africa different? Africa is a very receptive place...we value and respect guests by honouring their opinion. Regardless of whether it is true or not. This is part of the reason why.
Why would they tell you not to use condoms? This is interesting. They say that every seed that comes from man should not be wasted. Quite some bullshit.
When will your Prince transfer me that $100m he promised?! Hahaha...if you fell for that nonsense, I have bad news for you mate.
Can I pay for you to come to America? Haha, for work, study or tourism? And what would you expect from me?
He's like American version of Nigerian prince. Beware!!! Lol. I could tell from his very generous offers :D.
"Work" Umm, I have some people that owe me money... So, yeah. You don't need a resume, I promise. Good luck getting me a visa with that reason :)
Oh It's all legit. Trust me. But seriously, would you come to the US to visit? Yeah I would, I'd love to actually, but my finances conspire against me.
What if someone were to be your mysterious ticket into this country? Totally pay for everything, but you will never know who it is. Would you do it? Yes I would. BUT, your "UNCLE SAM" would have a lot of questions for me. Are you offering me a ticket to your country?
my finances conspire against me. Sorry mate, this is a brilliant statement that I'm going to use every chance I get. Cheers! :) Thanks a lot...I do write sometime so i appreciate the complement.
I want to go to Kenya some day, and will obviously visit Nairobi and Mombasa which will be safe but where would you recommend keeping away from? what's the border with somalia like? also just wondering... why do kenyans always win long distance events?! do you do running at school from a young age or anything? Try to avoid the border with Somalia(Lamu)...although it's relatively safe now since the army is bursting terrorist skull over should also try to avoid the north of the's bandit territory so they'll give you armed guards if you want to go there...but there's pretty much nothing but desert there anyways.
Running is predorminant in only one of the Kenyan communities that resided in the highlands...two reasons they ran first, the altitude builds there resistance and they ran a lot to school and elsewhere since of the rugged terrain so not much roads there. Many of the best runners ran upto 10kms daily to and from school from age 7.
.it's bandit territory so they'll give you armed guards if you want to go there. That's so surreal to me. I can't imagine living in a place where I have to avoid bandit territory. Is that something you have to think about in your daily life, or is it just a distant thing for you that don't really have to deal with? It's too far for me to care...hundreds of kilometres away from any city.
I know avoiding the Somali coast is a great idea, but Lamu is one of the most beautiful and legitimately culturally amazing places I've ever been to. No cars; only donkeys. Makes Zanzibar look like a stupid tourist trap! Go there if you can! Haha...i shall ones i'm able to. I've seen pics and videos, it is truly amazing.
Hello there, soldier here. I've worked with your 40th Kenyan Ranger Strike Force, and I must say they are super professional and highly motivated. Best military I've worked with on the continent. Just thought you should know. Thanks a lot mate. I've heard of people praising the Kenyan military but you're the first foreign professional i've heard it from.
What are the general attitudes towards 1st world countries like the U.S? Also, what are some of your favorite artists/types of music? Most Kenyans like reggae, some like hip hop(the old one though not the new crap) and soul, r&b and classic rock. Some Kenyans have a good attitude towards the USA and would love to live there(coz of the movies). But those with access to the internet think that it's a bully of a country that's high-handed in the way it deals with affairs. Most prefer Northern European countries that are Switzerland.
Ive been to switzerland, and my take is that they may not be as 'neutral' as you may like to think when it comes to immigrants. Oh, I meant in terms of political affairs. Almost no place in this world is hospitable to Africans, not even Africa itself.
norway, perhaps? :D. Norway is pretty neutral too. Compared to USA.
That made me very sad. Unfortunately there's not much we can do about it but try to survive and make the best out of what we have. Treasure the little things you have in life.
Well in the America that should exist all people are welcome, sadly it's not like that. I yell at people who make fun of the muslims in my school, it's quite depressing that there's so many intolerant kids here. I think they should teach more American history to them, so that they realise that almost everyone in America is an immigrant.
Canada will always have you. we think your pretty cool. Thanks a lot Robert, Kenya will be glad to have you too.
Dont bother trying to move around... you have life mostly figured out than most other people on this planet would ever. I'd love to learn more to help my heart bleeds for them.
A recent book, Dead Aid, recommended that Western countries stop giving money to Africa because it actually stunts development. What do you think of this? Does foreign aid hurt more than help? Western AId is not a bad thing, it's the way it's managed that's the issue. Most of those in government are corrupt and siphon off the funds or use their private businesses to run the tenders. Take a leaf from China...bring your own personnel to manage the funds down to the grassroots and your money will go a long might end up amassing quite a sizable profit too because the commerce industry is ripe for investment. Investment and NOT AID is what Africa needs.
So you feel investments from China are having a more positive impact than western money and aid agencies? Over here, people are cynical about China's involvement in Africa. So are some of the Kenyans. However, their development issues are felt on the ground. They do not meddle in politics/human affairs issues and most importantly, their terms and conditions are very clear. For the meantime, it sounds like a better deal than the West, and as Africa, we don't get much of those. So only time will tell.
In a course I do at uni called 'state of the world', my tutor seems quite set on the idea that China's involvement is neo-colonialism. I don't really know anything about it, so I'd be interested in anything more you have to say on that. Also, I do agree that investment is far, far better than aid, whether it's direct or from NGOs (my course is very critical of western NGOs. Do you see a realistic way that their potential and clout could be better integrated into cohesive development strategies, or are they simply too unruly and independent?) You're welcome. I think what China is doing is not really neo-colonialism because Africa stands to gain, at least a bit from the deals it's making with China. Colonialism applies where one party gains nothing and loses instead. I think all NGOs should be properly regulated and should be open for audits from both their mother countries and African governments. Many of them work in secrecy especially in issues of finances. Transparency, and an open platform where their development and financial records can be accessed would go a long way.
Where would you like to see Kenya be in 20 years? Simple..i'd like everyone to have 3 square meals a day, enough security to go out playing even at night, universal and affordable healthcare and quality and affordable education. Not too much to ask for is it?
What part of Africa do you live in? What are the charity/ Red Cross people like? What experiences have you had with them? Do they make a difference in the places they meet? What is the health care like? What conditions were you raised/ currently live in? I live in East Africa. Kenya to be exact. Charity and Red Cross people on the ground are great and helpful, but some of the top manager people might not be very straight. They make a small difference because there's too much to do, and not too many of them. But they do save lives yes. Health care is terrible, unless you have a lot of money. Public hospitals ahve bad service and almost no equipment and medical workers are underpaid and strike often. On the other hand, private hospitals are top notch but charge way too much for anyone to afford. I was raised in a poor family but i got scholarship to university here, so i stay at campus for the mean time.
What do you think of the health workers' strikes? I remember reading about a nurses strike in Kenya just a few months ago. I htink the government takes its workers for a ride way too much. But then again lives were lost coz of the strike so i don't support it. I support dialogue.
Im reading this in those charming African accents of yours. They're awesome. Haha..thank you very much. Where are you from?
Honduras. Third world for the win. Amazing..como estas? I'd love to visit Central American and Caribbean countries.
What are your thoughts on the Invisible Children guys? Kony? It came in too late. Kony is a bastard that should be hanged by his balls over a crocodile pit. He will be killed one of these days hopefully...but the damage is already done. At least they brought the atrocities to light and some of the affected can get help from around the world.
Kenya just found oil! How excited is the country? Most people don't give a crap coz they know that it might either bring chaos, or the politicians might enrich themselves with it. The celebration only lasted 2 weeks tops. I bet most people don't even remember about that anymore. You're very observant though.
My political sci teacher talks about how resources like oil, diamonds and other minerals are sometimes more of a curse to the countries that have them because of the troubles it brings to the country. Do you feel that the discovered oil will cause more trouble than good, like whats happening in Nigeria? I believe that if we get good leaders. we could go the Botswana way where minerals benefitted them. But if we get bad leaders, i might not be in reddit this time next year :(
How do you get online ? (dsl,cable,wireless..) By mobile internet...connected to a wireless router.
I am from South Africa, hail fellow African! Do you find it at least somewhat true that we are bridging the digital divide, i.e. access to computers and the Internet, at least as far as you can tell in Eastern Africa? I imagine that costs are still almost entirely prohibitively expensive though? Hi fellow friend. We are definitely bridging the digital divide. Kenya has made leaps and bounds in terms of digital media over the past couple of years. We have introduced a monetary system that is solely based on sms services, a first in the world. We are connected by fibre optic cable to all of the world and we have rolled out digital TV broadcasting, also a first in many countries. I think the pace at which we are growing digitally is tremendous..hopefully we can keep at it.
M pesa? I thought it was so cool when I saw it in kenya. I wish we had something similar in the UK. Thanks for the Iama! You're welcome. If they start it in the UK...the banks might close shop..that's probably why they aren't. A very big number of Kenyans is unbanked so they have this as an alternative.
Are you referring to mPesa? There are competing currencies from other telecoms, no? How is that playing out at the cash register? The currency remains the same. The only thing that changes is the channel. Yes, there are competitors, some with better value(less fees) but unfortunately the main monopoly is held by Safaricom which has more vendors and merchants and a wider coverage.
I find it interesting that the you have a monetary system that is solely based on SMS services. How does it work? I think we have very similar systems in Korea and Japan, but it's not via SMS, but it is via cellphone. It is basically touch-credit/debit card. SMS seems hassle-some, where you have to text to a certain number some message and wait few seconds for the transaction to complete. Did I get it right? The money is held by the telcom provider and you can deposit more money to your phone number through merchants all over the country...if you need to transfer, you send a message to the provider stating the amount and number you want to transfer will ask for confirmation before crediting your account. It is quite complex and i advice you to visit Link to if you want to learn more.
I've seen so many slanted documentaries abut how rough the guys are and they just shoot people for fun and then teach it to the male children. Is there any truth to that? Not trying to be offensive, I'm just wondering if the directors are doing it to put a bad spin on parts of that society. If it happens, maybe to less than 5% of the total of Africa. In my country there is no war, so the only people shooting are either policemen or thugs. Policemen are actually more dangerous at times. The documentaries are very one sided. I have seen quite a number of people getting lynched but this is because they killed, stole or raped...otherwise it's not a warzone, just a bit unsafe.
What other languages are prevalent in Kenya? Over 40 languages are prevalent. I think you need a google search to sort you out. But English, Swahili, Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kisii and Kalenjin are the most popular.
Is the concept of female sex tourists (Link to anywhere near true (or more to the point, have you ever heard of anything like this)? It is..especially at the coast...mostly older European women do's not a myth, it;s very prevalent and out there..noone hides it. I even know someone who's in this "trade".
How's the pay? Is it worth moving to Kenya to become a Gigolo just so I can live a care free life on the beach, having sex with old ugly women? If you want AIDS, go right ahead.
My old school raised money and ended up building a school and a water well for eastern Kenya. Have you seen any of these around? If yes: what are they like? I'm curious what I raised money for lol. There are some that are around..did they give you the details of the school? If so, i could check how it went and maybe get you pictures too if time and resources permits.
But please, i'd like to beg for you wonderful givers to follow up on how the money is used. A liot of it ends up in the wrong hands(big fat politicians and government officials). It's best to liaise with someone here in Kenya who can provide you with receipts, pics and vids of the developments you have so kindly contributed for.
Feed the Children is one of the sponsored charities of my fraternity and we may be doing some things for it in the future as a result. How generous/helpful is it to people? I dont have access to their records, but if you want to make a difference, connect with a family that is suffering here and help them directly. It might be quite hard but i'm working to make it possible for the donor and the beneficiary to interact.
My friend goes to a international boarding school over there (swedish based). How are those students treated? Like kings. They are treated like Kings!
My friend is located in Nairobi. She loves it there. thanks for answering! You should join her too. Are you Swedish?
Im swedish, but i'm of african descent. How are people from sweden that are white treated over there? We treat all foreigners with respect and courtesy. I've met a black Swede before..she was a girl that came here for a UN initiative. That was about 8 years ago. Maybe it's you? :D.
I just got back from 2 weeks in Kenya... Mara, Nairobi, Mombasa, Narok, Naivasha, Nakuru. I love Kenya!!, but I do have one question. Everywhere I went, there was garbage strewn all over. An otherwise really nice park by the ferry in Mombasa, for example, or every town between the Mara and Nairobi. Otherwise, Kenya seemed pretty well maintained. WTF? Our local councils are run by morons. Ideally, they should clear garbage at least every so often...but they don't. They do nothing they're supposed to actually. We don't have a very effective garbage disposal system so most people just dig holes and bury em...hopefully this situation will improve in the future.
Wait a second, are you talking about the politicians, or household waste? Household waste...but politicians are pretty much waste here anyway, wish that would happen to the bad ones.
Sounds like you need American garbage companies to invest in Kenya most of all. long as they're not nuclear.
Hi I'm a student in Penn State's engineering program and earlier this year we did a project based in Kenya/Tanzania. Our job was to make a product that would connect a bike and cart so it would be easier to pull them around. Is this something that you or anyone you know could use? That's a pretty good idea...but a number of factors come into play.1. The load on the cart is usually heavy, at least 100kgs and balance is an issue. 2. Most roads in Africa are heavily potholed, narrow and have steep gradients, so you might want to incorporate a gear system into your bike. 3. To counter the weight and force issue, consider an extra seat, most of the current carts are pulled by 2 to 3 people anyway. Use lightweight but durable material. Preffered material here is wood, since it's cheaper and steel since it's more durable, if you could find a balance between the two, that would be great. I'd love to give you more input about the various hurdles you could encounter, including marketing and stuff, but this is not the place for it. Drop me a private message.
Mechanical Engineer here. You'd make a damn good one. Haha...thanks a lot for the complement, but i sucked at High School physics so i gave up on that. I like learning about how machines work though.
You have blown the feeble American mind away. Judging from the questions and following comments a lot of the world thinks Africans are absolutely stupid and living in the stone age. Thanks a lot. I want to try and do my part in building a better name and future for my continent and country.
What's up with the killing of albino's, including children? Why do they do that? That happened in Tanzania for a while.I don't think it happens anymore.
Do you have a hard time naming all those little French speaking West African countries too, or is just the rest of us? Haha..some Kenyans have no idea what Sao Tome and Principe is...or even the Canary Islands and the Gambia, I'm very good at geaography though, so no, it's not a big problem for me.
TIL there is a country called Sao Tome and Principe. Yup...not many people know of it. It's a Lusophone country.
I lived in Dakar when I was 1 years old. I know where it is at least. Haha..must be a while ago though.
What is the best nyam chom joint in Kenya? Ii, ndi mwega! 1. SOme say that the best nyam chom is at Olepolos. 2. I don't do coffee much. 3. Tusker. 4. Orange. 5. Farmer's choice hehe 6. Yes i did...i think they want to reintroduce it.
Jokes are Kenyans feeling about the next elections? Are people anxious? Do you think voter turnout will be higher than last election? People are a bit anxious about the coming elections but i think everything will be fine. Yup. I expect the turnout to match last times.
What do you think when seeing "First world problems" posts? I believe that evryone in the world has problems, regardless of how rich or stable you might, even if they are miniscule, they are problems nonetheless and they deserve to be solved.
What are your views on America? I think they need to stop bombing places haphazardly.
Well, you see, Africa was in its renessance during the time of the 1st and 2nd world war. Africa has always been behind Europe. When the UK and Spain abandoned Africa, the economy fell. They came to Africa to rob, so they contributed to that fall. Period.
Is there safe, drinkable water where you are? From the taps, no. I have to boil or put chemicals in it.
you have readily available supplies to do that? Not all the time. So at times is Russian Roullettte.
Are your a black african or a white african? Black as coal :D.
Also, how is the wildlife treated there? Is poaching still rampant in Kenya or has wildlife conservation helped at all? KWS has helped a great deal. Maasai Morans no longer kill lions for manhoodity...poachers are sometimes shot on site. Wildlife is generally respected here unless it attacks a Kenyan or destroys crop.
What does your family do for work? When you get out of university what occupation are you going into? My mother is a small trader. My father is dead. I plan to get into the media industry and highlight the plight of Africans. I think we deserve more credit than we are getting in the world.
What's the food like? Is it the same as in the US or is it completely different? And is the daily life any different from the US? And you said you have a scholarship, what are you studying? QUite different from USA, especially in the country side. We eat mainly corn, beans, rice, bread and local vegetables. The life is tougher compared to US because many of the ammenities like good public transport are not very convenient. I'm studying Media.
What percentage of people do you know that participate in the whole "prince" fraud schemes? In my minds eye I have this vision of most people over there not working, and just trying to phish people all day. That doesn't happen in Kenya AT ALL. You should check Nigeria for that.
Hey! I'm an American whose parents both emigrated from Kenya. Just wanted to say hi. May I ask what tribe you're from? Hi, I am a Kikuyu...but we prefer not to think along tribal lines nowadays.
Do you guys think that bears are cool and exotic the same way that we think lions are? Most Kenyans know nothing about bears. Not even their existence. Sorry :)
That's awesome. I had a joke I was making about this that works now :) thank you. :)
Did you accidently write 2013 on the paper or are you actually a time traveller? If it was the later would you mind sharing you technology with me? It was accidental, unfortunately :D.
I was trying to set up a website in Kenya, and discovered that there isn't a single company hosting on the Kenyan backbone. Why is that? There are a lot..send me a message and i'll show you some.
What is your opinion of the term "African-American"? Specifically, I'm referring to the fact that black people from Jamaica are "African-American" but white people from Africa are not. How did the white people get here in the first place?
Have you ever had Ethiopian food? Injera and some other stuff..i like it.
Is everybody in your contry connected to the internet? If corrupt officials hinder (monetary) help from reaching their destination, do you think a website that puts donators directly in touch with the people they donate to would help remedy that problem? About 50% of kenyans can get access to the internet..mostly through teir phones and community centres. Through this thread, i realised that many people want to get a safe secure and documented way to invest in Kenya...through pictures and video. Being a media student, I will try to set something up that can help you achieve this exactly. I have not seen anything of the sort around yet.
I heard you use mobile money - how exactly does that work? Can non-Kenians donate online to Kenians and they recieve the money digitally and instantly? Here is all you need to know about mobile money Link to
So I was in Tanzania two years ago on vacation. How do most people in your area feel about tourists? The people we talked with were extremely polite, but I couldn't tell if it was just because I was the only white teenager in the area. We like tourists period. Not just because of the money they bring in but because they appreciate our environment. Keep doing what you are doing.
Would you say that Kenyans, or Afrians in general, are more distrustful of their governments than Westerners are? Do you think that is because their governments/the individuals in them are essentially more corrupt, or just that more of the corruption is blatant because of the economic system? The problem with the government is not just corruption but inefficiencies. In the West, the government provides for its citizens. I mean infrastructure, health, education etc. In Africa, they don't do that. They steal money to go shop in France. SO i guess we distrust the more.
Why is this not your national anthem? Maybe because it talks nothing about good values like unity, peace and respect....but it is a good song nonetheless.
Could you clear up some typical western stereotypes of you guys over there? Tell me some of the steroetypes so that I know what i'm responding to.
Blood diamond type stereotypes. A lot of people, at least where I'm from, thinks the entirety of Africa is uncivilized and warring tribes. i think that it is just regional. sorry i just read this and i'm tired as hell i can think of more tomorrow. Not all of Africa is like that, just parts of it. Parts of Africa are as developed as the West, it all depends on where you go.
What tribe are you from? I've got friends who are Luhyas and Kikuyus. I am Kikuyu.
Do you think Kenya is on the rise right now? Where do you honestly expect to see your country 20 years from now? Kenya is on the rise indeed. I htink in 20 years, we can compare ourselves to Asian tigers like Malaysia.
Do most people in Kenya have access to clean water? No. Less than 50%
I should've mentioned that I'm caucasian but that's another thing... I really want to join a culture completely different from my own. A culture less petty and more peaceful... just I guess more culture. America kind of gets old a lot of the time. I knew you were Caucasian so I drafted it to suit you.
I spent a month in Kenya a couple summers ago with Camps International, and absolutely loved it. What's the general opinon of groups like that which go over to help with projects like building, teaching etc? Groups like that are readily welcomed. Many Kenyans would love to mingle with such groups and share experiences. In case you go there again, just open up to Kenyans and they'll be very friendly with you. You can even stay in their houses if you're humble enough.
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